Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fun, and Relationships...

Last year, when I was in High School (aaaaaahahahahahahaha - just kidding ya). How about this, last century, when I was in High School I remember filling out one of those "discover more about yourself" test thingies we see advertised in women's magazines all the time. It was a "what's most important to you" test. Obviously there was something to it. It struck a cord, left an impression with this extrovert, because years later I still remember the results.
My two "most important to me" things scored as being:
1) having fun
2) being in relationships
Kind of neat actually.
You see, I love to laugh. I love when people make me laugh. I have a specific sense of humor... a Rick Mercer sense of humor - for those Canadians in the crowd.
Sometimes I'm laughing when no one else is or when it isn't at all appropriate. Which, of course makes everything all the more humorous to me and I laugh longer and harder. Like the time my cousin and I got laughing, in church, at the elderly lady who had a mole on the very end of her nose, just dangling there, waiting, begging to be laughed at.
Sometimes I get laughing so hard that I cry, and my voice goes all squeaky. Those times are usually with my silly sisters or with my silly nieces. We share so much history that one joke will lead to another or one memory will lead to another and I start to cry-laugh, and squeak. I love my silly family.
So... yes... FUN!
If it isn't fun for me, it's hardly worth my time.
And, relationships. Well, what can I say other than relationships mean a lot to me and they generally bring a lot of fun with them. Family. Friends. Church family. Friends who are like family. Friends I haven't met yet. Family I haven't met yet. All important to me.
Today, I'm missing a friend. Someone who I have fun with (go figure - a friend that I have fun with).
And, this thought just crossed my mind as I was typing that sentence - what would life be without people in it who you miss? How sad and how lonely that would be.
Who are you?



  1. I miss my friends all the time as most of them live far away, but we make up for it with quality time when we are able to get together. We usually schedule the 'next' time before 'this' time is over. And I agree that if it is not fun, it's not worthwhile. xo,

  2. Love my friends.. they are like a second skin! And if you can't have fun, then it's just not worth being there or doing it. Many blessings, marlis

  3. Cousin in crime here!! I too remember that fateful day and Uncle Alvin attempting to be stern with us, but you just knew he wanted to share a laugh right along with us!!!

  4. Laughing makes you live longer! I think I have that same sense of humor. My jokes to myself make me laugh harder than any body else's!

  5. I am blessed to have a large group of women friends and we stay in touch by getting together about 10 times a year. We have all been friends for over 30 years! We were all former neighbors. XO, Pinky


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