Friday, April 29, 2011

What's in it for us... ?

I don't know about you - but I like to know all I can about events that are billed as events specific to and for men.
Let's just say that I have an inquiring mind. :o)

Now, a couple weeks ago, at one of the local churches, here, there was a Promise Keepers event.

Have you ever heard of Promise Keepers?

One of the pastors, who I work with, attended.
And my inquiring mind couldn't help but poke around for information. Even though I wanted to resist the urge to uncover any secrets, I secumbed to the... temptation.
I mean, do they have a special club chant or moto?
A secret handshake?
Do they do chest bumps?

What really goes on at Promise Keepers events? And, more importantly, is there anything in it for us ladies?

Here are a few of the questions I asked, along with the answers I received:

What exactly is Promise Keepers?
"Promise Keepers is a global movement that is all about men becoming, growing, and living as disciples of Jesus Christ. Leaving no man behind.
Promise Keepers wants to ignite and equip men to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ – resulting in families, churches, workplaces, communities and nations being impacted by the grace of God, through the lives of men."

Do you think this type of event meets a need in our culture, today?
"PK definitely meets a need in the lives of today’s men. It is safe to say that most men don’t have the kind of relationship with another man that would challenge and encourage them. I really believe it is essential for men to have times for just them, times when they can talk openly about issues specific to them."

Who were the speakers/topics at this event?
"Bill Farrel, Ted DiBiase, Colin McCartney and Lennett Anderson"

"The whole conference dealt with “Legacy”. Every man is leaving a legacy – whether it's a good one or bad.
We were reminded that our legacy can be felt 3-4 generations after us.
That the roads we choose are the actual opportunities we have to live in and to leave a legacy.
And, that whoever is 'fathering us' (mentoring us) is helping to shape our legacy. We don’t just stumble onto a legacy - we have to be intentional."

I know that when a large group of women gather together, for a common purpose, there are definitely favorite moments for me. What was one favorite moment for you, at this last weekend’s conference?
One of my favorite moments was when Lennett spoke. He used a lot of scripture that motivated me, personally. One thing he said was, 'moments wait for no one'."

Did you walk away with any interesting statistics or bits of information that have been lodged in your mind forever?
One statistic I already knew was this: 20% of church congregation members do 80% of the work. However, the fact that 90% of that 20% is women - was new to me. And it made me want our church to be different.

There are "wins" for men, in general, when women are refreshed and encouraged via special events. Are there potential "wins" for women in the Promise Keepers movement? What?
"I would say that a possible win for women would be that their man got to experience a small taste of what life could be like if they had another man to talk openly and honestly with."

If you had the opportunity to pitch another PK event to women, to persuade them that encouraging their favorite guy to attend such an event would be a good thing, what would you say?
I’d say, “get your man there at all costs!”
I’d say, “Your man needs other Christian men in his life to help him be all that God wants him to be.”
I’d say, “Even when your man resists your suggestion – don’t listen to him - keep encouraging him to go, even get another man to invite him along, because your guy will be challenged to step up his game at home and at church. God does work at PK events.”

Thanks PDC for your time, this has all been veweee veweee interesting.

One other thing he said, that stuck in my head as information well worth passing on, was this: what parents tolerate, children will embrace.

Lots to think about.
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Peeps: Going. . . going. . . GONE!

For some people, Easter just would not be Easter with out marsh mellow Peeps. Whether or not you like marsh mellow, you've gotta admit, they are kinda cute. When I think of Peeps, this is the picture that comes to mind.

But they now come in all different shapes and colors!

Ghost peeps?

Personally I'm not a Peep fan. I never eat just plain marsh mellows. I do like marsh mellows on my hot chocolate. . .

or in a 'smore' around the campfire at the trailer. . .

and I just LOVE sunflowers. . .

Hmmm. . . I think I'm going to check through the Easter candy clearance bins at the grocery store this week. I sure hope they have some Peeps to get me through til next Easter!!!

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter - in a word, or two...

Road. Dark. Stars. Shadows. Four. Sandals. Robes. Quiet. Suspense. Grove. Trees. Alone. Questions. Anguish. "Father!" Sweat. God. Man. God-Man. Prostrate. Blood. "NO!" "Yes." Angels. Comfort.

Footsteps. Torches. Voices. Romans. Surprise. Swords. Kiss. Confusion. Betrayal. Fearful. Run! Bound. Wrists. Marching.

Courtyard. Priests. Lamps. Sanhedrin. Caiphas. Sneer. Silk. Arrogance. Beard. Plotting. Barefoot. Rope. Calm. Shove. Kick. Annas. Indignant. Messiah? Trial. Nazarene. Confident. Question. Answer. Punch!

Peter. "Me?" Rooster. Thrice. Guilt.

Proceedings. Court. Rejection. Prosecute. Weary. Pale. Witness. Liars. Inconsistent. Silence. Stares. "Blasphemer!" Anger. Waiting. Bruised. Dirty. Fatigued.Guards.Spit.Blindfold.Mocking.Blows.Fire.Twilight.

Sunrise. Golden. Jerusalem. Temple. Passover. Lambs. Lamb. Worshippers. Priests. Messiah. Hearing. Fraud. Prisoner. Waiting. Standing. Shifting. Strategy. "Pilate!" Trap. Murmurs. Exit.

Stirring. Parade. Crowd. Swell. Romans. Pilate. Toga. Annoyed. Nervous. Officers. Tunics. Spears. Silence. "Charge?" "Blasphemy." Indifference. Ignore. (Wife. Dream.) Worry. Interview. Lips. Pain. Determined. "King?" "Heaven." "Truth." "Truth?" Sarcasm. (Fear) "Innocent!" Roar. Voices. "Galilean!" "Galilee?" "Herod!"

9:00 A.M. Marchers. Palace. Herod. Fox. Schemer. Paunchy. Crown. Cape. Scepter. Hall. Elegance. Silence. Manipulate. Useless. Vexed. Revile. Taunt. "King?" Robe. Theatrical. Cynical. Hateful. "Pilate!"

Marching. Uproar. Prisoner. Hushed. Pilate. "Innocent!" Bedlam. "Barabbas!" Riot. Despair. Christ. Bare. Rings. Wall. Back. Whip. Slash. Scourge. Tear. Bone. Moan. Flesh. Rhythm. Silence. Whip! Silence. Whip! Silence. Whip! Thorns. Stinging. Blind. Laughter. Jeering. Scepter. Slap. Governor. Distraught. (Almost). Eyes. Jesus. Decision. Power. Freedom? Threats. Looks. Yelling. Weak. Basin. Water. Swayed. Compromise. Blood. Guilt.

Soldiers. Thieves. Crosspiece. Shoulder. Heavy. Beam. Heavy. Sun. Stagger. Incline. Houses. Shops. Faces. Mourners. Murmurs. Pilgrims. Women. Tumble. Cobblestone. Exhaustion. Gasping. Simon. Pathetic. Golgotha.

Skull. Calvary. Crosses. Execution. Death. Noon. Tears. Observers. Wails. Wine. Nude. Bruised. Swollen. Crossbeam. Sign. Ground. Nails. Pound. Pound. Pound. Pierced. Contorted. Thirst. Terrible. Grace. Writing. Raised. Mounted. Hung. Suspended. Spasms. Heaving. Sarcasm. Sponge. Tears. Taunts. Forgiveness. Dice. Gambling. Darkness.

Death. Life.
Pain. Piece.
Condemn. Promise.
Nowhere. Somewhere.
Him. Us.
"Father!" Robbers. Paradise. Wailing. Weeping. Stunned. "Mother." Compassion. Darkness. "My God!" Afraid. Scapegoat. Wilderness. Vinegar. "Father." Silence.Sigh.Death.Relief.

Earthquake.Cemetery.Tombs.Bodies.Mystery.Curtain.Spear.Blood.Water.Spices. Linen.Tomb.Fear.Waiting.Dispair.Stone.Mary.Running.Maybe? Peter. John. Belief. Enlightenment. Truth. Mankind. Alive.Alive.Alive!

From "No Wonder they Call Him the Savior" Alive!, by Max Lucado
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Guest Post: Sharelyn Stone - Real Life?

“Is this for real life mommy?”

That is what my 4 year old daughter Georgia kept asking me during the Easter production. I know that she was trying to distinguish between real life and the actors on stage, but I couldn’t help thinking that she was on to something. As the actors on stage did such a great job of emulating emotions and depicted the story of Jesus, I thought not only did this happen in real life many, many years ago, but it happened so that I could have life. Real life.

It’s recorded in the book of John 14:6, “Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” And if you don’t know the Father, how can we ever know and experience real life? So yes Georgia, it’s for real life that we remember the Easter story. The story of God sending us a rescuer, a way to be brought back into God’s perfect presence. A way for us to have REAL LIFE.

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Friday, April 22, 2011

"An April Day in the Morning"

"The first day of spring is one thing,
and the first spring day is another.
The difference between them
is sometimes as great as a month."

- Henry Van Dyke, Fisherman's Luck

"A gush of bird song,

a patter of dew

A cloud and a rainbow's warning;

Suddenly sunshine and perfect blue

An April day in the morning!"

- Harriet Prescott Spofford

Spring shows what God can do
with a drab and dirty world!

- Virgil A Kraft

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Guest Post: Sharelyn Stone - Resurrection Eggs

Resurrection Eggs

Resurrection eggs are a really easy way to share the Easter Story with children. You can buy a kit already made at most Christian bookstores, order it online at Amazon here. They are also on sale right now at You can also make one yourself with some simple supplies. I decided to make one myself. I purchased 12 colored eggs from the dollar store and then filled them with 12 specific items. Each item helps tell part of the Easter story. Donkey, Coins, Bread, Praying Hands, Sword, Crown of Thorns, Cross, Nails, Sponge, Linen, Stone and then one Empty Egg for the Empty Tomb. I found all the items around my house, so it only cost me $1! You could also draw or print off pictures of each of the items.

I numbered the eggs, and will hide them with the rest of our Easter eggs for our Easter egg hunt on Sunday. As the kids open each one, we can share the Easter story together and make it interactive and fun. You can also download a devotional online here.

This is a unique way to share the Easter story with children.

How do you share the Easter story with the children in your life?

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Monday, April 18, 2011

"Egg"cellent idea!

Several weeks ago Vivienne@the V Spot asked this question on her blog.

How do you like your eggs. . . scrambled, over easy. . . plastic?

Well that caught my attention. So I checked out what she had done with these plastic eggs that we all have rolling around our 'seasonal decor tote'. It was soooo neat. You will definitely want to check it out too. I followed her directions and this was the outcome.

I gathered up all my pretty colored plastic eggs. I had many that we had accumulated over the years, and one whole bag (purchased several years ago) that had never been opened.

I opened each egg, and ran a bead of glue around the edge of the opening and closed it up to dry.

I took them out to the garage and spray painted them with a primer paint. I painted mine in batches, as I was only using a small table to paint them on. Be careful, those little suckers roll around as you are spray painting them.

All painted with the primer paint.

Then I sprayed them with "Speckle Stone" paint.

Voila, you now have dozens of birds eggs to decorate with for Spring!

This is one of my grandmother old bread pans.

I'm joining Metamorphosis Monday over at Between naps on the Porch today. Hope you will pop over and see the many, MANY ideas!!!
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Friday, April 15, 2011

The Sammie story...

A couple weeks ago my sister and her family went to Florida for some vacation time.

As is true for any of us, planning vacation always includes delegating some responsibilities in order for our holiday time to be truly free from worrying about "home".

Well, my niece needed someone to take care of her little hamster, Sammie.

I don't quite know what it is about grandchildren - but they seem to be able to ask just about anything of their grandparents and receive a "yes" for the answer.

OF COURSE Grammie would hamstersit Sammie!! And, really, who could resist the wild fluffs and tufts of fur, the busy little nose and the cute little tongue and lips?
Not Grammie.

So the Dining Room table got cleared off for Sammie and all his housekeeping needs. Yes, I did say the Dining Room table - this is the newest thing in TableScaping!

Well, the long and the short of this Sammie story is that just three short days into the hamstersitting gig, it was all over. Sammie died. And, I'm NOT even kidding.

Oh my.
Poor Sammie.
He had no idea what I would have given him.
He had me in the palm of his... little paws.
Not that I could have changed Sammie's future, I'm not God.

Have you ever wondered if God ever thinks,
Poor Lisa. Poor [insert your name here].
She has no idea what she could have, in Me. If she would only ask.

I wonder how many blessings we miss because we never ask the One who CAN change our future?
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Baking the Easter Story

When our children were small, we made Empty Tomb Cookies. These are a great way to bring the resurrection part of Easter to life for kids. Begin the process of making these treats on the day before Easter. Read the scripture verse (or have your child read it) that goes along with each step in the recipe.


What You Need:

1 cup whole pecans in a plastic sandwich bag (Optional - we never used them)
1 teaspoon vinegar
3 egg whites
1 pinch of salt
1 cup of sugar

a wooden spoon or wooden meat tenderizer mallet
mixing bowl
electric mixer
baking sheet
painter's or masking tape

How to Do It:

1. On the day before Easter, preheat the oven to 300 degrees F.

2. Read John 19:1-3: "Jesus was beaten for our sins..." Beat the nuts with the wooden spoon or mallet, then set aside.

3. Read John 19:28-30: Jesus drank something like vinegar; sniff the vinegar, take a little taste, then place the vinegar in the mixing bowl.

4. Read John 10:10-11: Egg whites symbolize Jesus' holy, sinless life; add the whites to the mixing bowl.

5. Read Luke 23:27: The women's tears were bitter; taste a few grains of salt, remember your own sins, then add the salt to the mixing bowl.

6. Read Psalm 34:8 and John 3:16: Sweet salvation! Taste the sugar, then add it to the mixing bowl.

7. Mix the ingredients in the bowl with an electric mixer as your child reads Isaiah 1:18 and John 3:1-3; mix for about 12-15minutes. The dough must be quite stiff.

8. Read Matthew 27:57-60: Fold the nuts (representing the rock placed over the tomb) into the dough.

9. Drop spoonfuls of the dough (using a knife and spoon) onto a cookie sheet. These mounds represent the rocky tomb Jesus was laid in.

10. Place the cookie sheet in the oven, and turn the oven off.

11. Read Matthew 27:65-66: Seal "the tomb" oven with two pieces of painter's or masking tape.

12. Read John 16:20 & 22, discuss, then go to bed.

13. On Easter morning (the very next day), read Matthew 28:1-9: Jesus is risen! Behold, the empty tomb! Unseal the oven door and remove the cookies. Break one in half - it is hollow inside. It is empty, just like Jesus' tomb.



This is another option to teaching the same story to children. This recipe is like a cinnamon bun.
  • 1 (10 ounce) can refrigerated crescent dinner rolls
  • 8 large marshmallows
  • 1/4 cup melted butter
  • 2 tablespoons ground cinnamon
  • 2 tablespoons white sugar


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C). Lightly grease a baking sheet.
  2. Separate crescent rolls into individual triangles.
  3. In a small bowl, mix together cinnamon and sugar.
  4. Dip a marshmallow into melted butter, then roll in sugar mixture. Place marshmallow into the center of a dough triangle. Carefully wrap the dough around the marshmallow. Pinch the seams together tightly to seal in marshmallow as it melts. Place on a baking sheet. Repeat.
  5. Bake in a preheated oven until golden brown, about 15 minutes.
  6. This "tomb" will also be empty when you open it and eat it.

He is Risen!
Celebrate with your children the fact that
our Saviour rose again
and is ALIVE today!!

This week I will be joining:
"Foodie Friday" at Designs by Gollum, for the first time!
Sweet Tooth Friday
"Seasonal Sunday" at The Tablescaper

Pop over and check these parties out.
You are sure to find recipes and seasonal inspiration GALORE!!!!
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Come on Spring - think you can...

I have a little, antique stand at the bottom of my stairs.

It always houses a seasonal decoration, or two, that make me smile. And in the case of Springtime 2011 - it's meant to cheer on the process.

Let me show you.

This guy sits on the floor right next to my little stand. He is working so hard all for a carrot... he obviously has never tasted a chocolate bunny! The heat vent behind him - I got that out of an old, abandoned farm house when I lived out west.

I put these up every Easter. They are my favorite egg cups - got them from the Superstore, years ago. Seriously, though, aren't they the cutest? They just make me giggle!

This beautiful bird house was a handmade gift from my brother-in-law and sister.
I LOVE handmade gifts (ummm... unless it's an afghan made out of phentex yarn).

And, should you come to visit me throughout the month of April, this little guy will greet you at the door. He is full of personality and is guaranteed to brighten your day. Oh yeah, his favorite color is yellow.

Happy Springtime, everyone.
Or, should I say, HOppy Springtime?!
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

EasTeR TabLeScApe

Welcome to my dining room. My table is all set for Easter Brunch. I gave you a sneak peek yesterday with my table centerpiece. Today I will show you the table setting. Please come in.

I just love dishes. You could say it is an addiction. If I could just set the table and make everything pretty and the meal would magically appear, I would be so happy. Cooking is not one of my most favorite things. My family really wishes it was!! But that's ok, because I really wish cleaning up bedrooms was one of their favorite things. *wink*

The blue placemats are from the Dollarama, which is my second favorite place to shop. (Home Sense would be #1) The yellow plates I purchased in a dish set from Home Hardware many years ago. The cute little salad plates on top were a great find at my local grocery store. I purchased two sets of four in a super after season clearance sale last Spring. Each plate in the set has a different colored edge and paw prints, and a different bunny picture.

I have two of these place card holders. My mother bought them in a set of six on her honeymoon in 1958. She gave these to me several years ago. I can only assume that my sisters each got two as well. Won't I be opening a can of worms if they didn't!! ;0)

My sister gave me these napkin holders at my bridal shower. Aren't they cute. I think they just say, "Easter"!

These wine glasses were also given to me at my bridal shower. I've been using them for almost 26 years now.

This fella joined my pitcher collection a couple years ago. I found him at COSTCO.

I'm so very glad you could visit with me today in my dining room. Pop on over to Between Naps On The Porch and tell Susan I sent you. I am joining her "Tablescape Thursday" Party. You won't believe the fabulous tables you will see there!

You will also want to visit ""The Tablescaper" for Seasonal Sundays, and be inspired to prepare for the Easter Season. I'll be linking there for the first time!!
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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Easter Centerpiece - My Version

A couple weeks ago, I shared an idea with you for an Easter centerpiece that I had seen Cathe Holden make, at Just Something I Made. Today I want to share with you, my version. All along I had been picturing daffodils from the Canadian Cancer Society in my centerpiece. So when hubby came home with two bundles for me recently, I knew I had to get my act together. (He's so sweet!) I did everything the same as Cathe, only my spoons were not all the same height. I put my favorite, large handled one in the front. Don't you love it? My spoons are all old ones that I received when a family member on my Dad's side passed away several years ago. I sure hope I can "unbend" them when I take this centerpiece apart. ;) I used elastic bands to keep the spoons in place, and then tied my ribbons around the jelly jar.
(I will show you my whole Easter table setting tomorrow.)

I used Farm Fresh Eggs for my centerpiece. My niece, Hannah, has over 50 laying hens, so she keeps me well supplied with fresh eggs. I sat the whole centerpiece on a special silver plate. It was given to my aunt (Mom's sister) when she retired from 34 years of service with the Halifax Regional School Board. I always enjoy using things that are special to me in my table decor. I like remembering the special people that I associate with those items. It is the next best thing to having them there with me! Edited to say: I heard from a friend last night who also took this idea and made it her own! I LOVE to hear that. Please, please, please leave me a comment if you try this out. It just makes my heart sing!!! This friend used eggs that she dyed pink, and pink silk peonies. Now wouldn't that be gorgeous! I'm joining Marty @ A Stroll Thru Life For TABLETOP TUESDAY. It is my very first time to join a blog party. Please go have a look at all the beautiful tabletops!! Inspiration Galore!! Thanks Marty for hosting this awesome party!
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Monday, April 4, 2011

Are you part of a team...?

Someone shared these "team" thoughts with me and some of my friends. I share them with you.
If you are part of any leadership team - read, learn, practise, soar.

From the book "A Leadership Teams Code of Conduct", by Hans Finzel:
1) Personal success is measured by the success of our team.

2) We will practise HOT communication: Honest, Open, Transparent. No secrets that could affect the team.

3) Each member of our team has a special gift that contributes to the whole group.

4) We will always speak positively of our teammates in public. They are safe with me even in their absence.

5) If I have a problem with a teammate, I go to her/him first.

6) When in doubt, I will give my teammate the benefit of the doubt.

7) We will pray for each member of our team, regularly.

8) We will support, in public, decisions we made in private. Even if we were not all 100% for it.

9) Confidences will remain safely inside our group. (if they don't the group begins to shut down)

10) Grace will be given, freely, when we encounter one another's faults.

Well... that should leave us with enough to think of for today, and tomorrow, and and and and.

blessings teamies!
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Friday, April 1, 2011

Some of my Favs...

Two unsuspecting friends.

I will never see a bicycle again, and not think of India.

A window on a flower museum we visited... just so bright and happy.

a rear view...

and... a front view - too cute!!

No two the same.

I thought this woman was absolutely beautiful. She read the Bible for us, so many times over the three days. She was, also, ONE of the FIVE women who took the final test for the NT Overview class.
I didn't get her name and I should have. A regret.

"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!" Romans 10:15

More another day. Thanks for letting me share.
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