Friday, April 15, 2011

The Sammie story...

A couple weeks ago my sister and her family went to Florida for some vacation time.

As is true for any of us, planning vacation always includes delegating some responsibilities in order for our holiday time to be truly free from worrying about "home".

Well, my niece needed someone to take care of her little hamster, Sammie.

I don't quite know what it is about grandchildren - but they seem to be able to ask just about anything of their grandparents and receive a "yes" for the answer.

OF COURSE Grammie would hamstersit Sammie!! And, really, who could resist the wild fluffs and tufts of fur, the busy little nose and the cute little tongue and lips?
Not Grammie.

So the Dining Room table got cleared off for Sammie and all his housekeeping needs. Yes, I did say the Dining Room table - this is the newest thing in TableScaping!

Well, the long and the short of this Sammie story is that just three short days into the hamstersitting gig, it was all over. Sammie died. And, I'm NOT even kidding.

Oh my.
Poor Sammie.
He had no idea what I would have given him.
He had me in the palm of his... little paws.
Not that I could have changed Sammie's future, I'm not God.

Have you ever wondered if God ever thinks,
Poor Lisa. Poor [insert your name here].
She has no idea what she could have, in Me. If she would only ask.

I wonder how many blessings we miss because we never ask the One who CAN change our future?


  1. Oh my. . . poor Sammie. . . and poor Sammies little mommy. He was the cutest little ball of fluff!

    I saw this quote the other day.

    "Nothing we can do can change the past, but everything we do changes the future"

  2. Sammie's mommy is off to find a new hamster to love this very afternoon :o)

  3. Oooh, poor Sammie! A bittersweet story! I'm sure Grammie will see to it there will be a happy ending!



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