Friday, April 29, 2011

What's in it for us... ?

I don't know about you - but I like to know all I can about events that are billed as events specific to and for men.
Let's just say that I have an inquiring mind. :o)

Now, a couple weeks ago, at one of the local churches, here, there was a Promise Keepers event.

Have you ever heard of Promise Keepers?

One of the pastors, who I work with, attended.
And my inquiring mind couldn't help but poke around for information. Even though I wanted to resist the urge to uncover any secrets, I secumbed to the... temptation.
I mean, do they have a special club chant or moto?
A secret handshake?
Do they do chest bumps?

What really goes on at Promise Keepers events? And, more importantly, is there anything in it for us ladies?

Here are a few of the questions I asked, along with the answers I received:

What exactly is Promise Keepers?
"Promise Keepers is a global movement that is all about men becoming, growing, and living as disciples of Jesus Christ. Leaving no man behind.
Promise Keepers wants to ignite and equip men to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ – resulting in families, churches, workplaces, communities and nations being impacted by the grace of God, through the lives of men."

Do you think this type of event meets a need in our culture, today?
"PK definitely meets a need in the lives of today’s men. It is safe to say that most men don’t have the kind of relationship with another man that would challenge and encourage them. I really believe it is essential for men to have times for just them, times when they can talk openly about issues specific to them."

Who were the speakers/topics at this event?
"Bill Farrel, Ted DiBiase, Colin McCartney and Lennett Anderson"

"The whole conference dealt with “Legacy”. Every man is leaving a legacy – whether it's a good one or bad.
We were reminded that our legacy can be felt 3-4 generations after us.
That the roads we choose are the actual opportunities we have to live in and to leave a legacy.
And, that whoever is 'fathering us' (mentoring us) is helping to shape our legacy. We don’t just stumble onto a legacy - we have to be intentional."

I know that when a large group of women gather together, for a common purpose, there are definitely favorite moments for me. What was one favorite moment for you, at this last weekend’s conference?
One of my favorite moments was when Lennett spoke. He used a lot of scripture that motivated me, personally. One thing he said was, 'moments wait for no one'."

Did you walk away with any interesting statistics or bits of information that have been lodged in your mind forever?
One statistic I already knew was this: 20% of church congregation members do 80% of the work. However, the fact that 90% of that 20% is women - was new to me. And it made me want our church to be different.

There are "wins" for men, in general, when women are refreshed and encouraged via special events. Are there potential "wins" for women in the Promise Keepers movement? What?
"I would say that a possible win for women would be that their man got to experience a small taste of what life could be like if they had another man to talk openly and honestly with."

If you had the opportunity to pitch another PK event to women, to persuade them that encouraging their favorite guy to attend such an event would be a good thing, what would you say?
I’d say, “get your man there at all costs!”
I’d say, “Your man needs other Christian men in his life to help him be all that God wants him to be.”
I’d say, “Even when your man resists your suggestion – don’t listen to him - keep encouraging him to go, even get another man to invite him along, because your guy will be challenged to step up his game at home and at church. God does work at PK events.”

Thanks PDC for your time, this has all been veweee veweee interesting.

One other thing he said, that stuck in my head as information well worth passing on, was this: what parents tolerate, children will embrace.

Lots to think about.

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