Monday, April 4, 2011

Are you part of a team...?

Someone shared these "team" thoughts with me and some of my friends. I share them with you.
If you are part of any leadership team - read, learn, practise, soar.

From the book "A Leadership Teams Code of Conduct", by Hans Finzel:
1) Personal success is measured by the success of our team.

2) We will practise HOT communication: Honest, Open, Transparent. No secrets that could affect the team.

3) Each member of our team has a special gift that contributes to the whole group.

4) We will always speak positively of our teammates in public. They are safe with me even in their absence.

5) If I have a problem with a teammate, I go to her/him first.

6) When in doubt, I will give my teammate the benefit of the doubt.

7) We will pray for each member of our team, regularly.

8) We will support, in public, decisions we made in private. Even if we were not all 100% for it.

9) Confidences will remain safely inside our group. (if they don't the group begins to shut down)

10) Grace will be given, freely, when we encounter one another's faults.

Well... that should leave us with enough to think of for today, and tomorrow, and and and and.

blessings teamies!


  1. What a GREAT "Code of Conduct". I'm going to take this to work with me. Thanks!

  2. I agree, completely! Glad you found it useful and applicable. You are very welcome.


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