Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Got my mind thinking,...

I had the opportunity to be in beautiful British Columbia a couple weeks ago. My reason for going was to attend Board meetings. My reason for staying as long as I did was so that I could visit with the Founder and CEO of Monarch Place.

It is a wonderful place.

Monarch Place is a Transition House offering shelter and support for women and children fleeing violence.

Many amazing events take place there, daily.
Women come and receive good crisis counsel. They receive food, clothing and a safe room to live in. They receive support in finding work and housing in a very short period of time, so short that one realizes that these situations are being worked out in a manner that is beyond human control.

The staff was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting them and watching them move forward with the same level of passion for this great big mission.

There is a:
Children’s Support worker,
Woman’s Support worker,
Community Outreach,
Multi-Cultural Support worker,

I asked one staff member what was most stressful for her in this line of work. She replied, “When all of the systems (social systems) don’t come together”.


I then asked her what was most rewarding about her job. Her reply, “When a woman just blossoms.”

Totally, totally, totally understandable.

Check out their webpage.

It all got my mind thinking about what could be done, right here in Lower Sackville, NS with the number of amazing women I happen to know.

Are you game?

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