Friday, February 18, 2011

Guest Post: Tanya Payzant - Diaper Duty

I have a "Positively Splendid" idea to share with you today. Positively Splendid BLOG is sharing an "upcycling" idea. She has made these super neat, lined canvas bins out of the boxes that diapers come in. Aren't they classy! The size of the box is just perfect. You could color coordinate the fabric to a particular room. The ideas for storage are limited to your imagination. I can imagine storing: toys, footwear, books, seasonal decorations, movies, video games and accessories, linens, craft supplies, mittens & hats, children's school work, etc.

If you are like me, the winter months are usually the time that you spend sorting through the clutter that drives us all crazy. These bins are perfect for helping us store the clutter that continually gets in our way. It is beneficial to teach our children to put things back where they belong. In a child's room, or closet it would be helpful to put a picture of the items that are to be store in each box right on the front. That way they know exactly where to put away their own toys, shoes, etc.

Just click on Amy's blog link above for the step by step directions on how to create your own bins. I'd love to know if you try this out. I'm hoping to make some too.

One problem.

Diaper boxes. ;0) (I didn't even know diapers came in boxes!)

Let me know if you'd love to give me some!!


  1. Love it! Can't wait to make some of these for the kids rooms! Thanks Tanya.

  2. We have diaper boxes Tanya! Let me know if you want any! Boxes that office paper comes in might work too. They are sturdy and have nice tops on them too.



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