Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Please Excuse This Interruption...

We are not all fans of change.  It rattles our sense of security, and our comfortably formed habits.  However, change can be a good thing.  It allows us to move forward, and experience what newness and progression has to offer. 

On March 1, 2012 there will be a change in Blogland.  Google owns Blogger (our blog host) and they will be retiring Google Friends Connect for all non-blogger sites.  GFC is the button on the right side of our blog that allows you to click and follow our blog.   (The one that says "Join this Blog with Google Friends Connect".)  Since we are a Blogger site, it will not initially affect our blog.  But I truly believe that the writing is on the wall, and eventually Google will discontinue it completely. 

Having the ability to "follow" your favorite blogs is wonderful, and prevents you from missing any posts on that blog.  Currently at Take Six, we have 5 different "following options" for you.  Each of these allows you to follow our blog.  Our readers may choose whichever one works best for them personally.

Oh the right side of our blog you can follow us through:

Email - When you insert your email address in that spot, every time we publish a new post it will be emailed to you.

Facebook - by "Liking" our fan page.  We link every blog post to our FB page.

Networked Blogs - A social blog directory on Facebook.  You can follow blogs this way.

Linky Followers is a new option as of last week.  You click on it as you would GFC or Networked Blogs.  Heather and Vanessa @ "At The Picket Fence" have a great post introducing Linky Followers HERE.  Then they just did a new post explaining it in more depth.  I don't feel any need to "reinvent the wheel" by explaining it all again here, as they have done such a wonderful job.    So if you feel this may possibly be the option for you, (as I do) please read about it HERE.  If you like what they wrote for us, please leave them a comment and tell them that Tanya@TakeSix sent you!

Google Friends Connect -We will be taking this button down soon.  We encourage you to follow us and your other favorite blogs by another method.  It is almost certain Goggle will discontinue this feature completely, and the list of blogs you follow by this method, that are currently on your dashboard, will disappear along with it.

Thanks so much for bearing with us for this bit of boring housekeeping!  Please take a moment and follow us with a method other than GFC.



  1. Boy, am I ever having a hard time with this change. So much so I'm ready to shut down my blog totally. I tried the new Linky thing and am so unsure of it that I asked them to close it (I couldn't find anyplace on it to close it out) and am waiting for them to respond. I do follow you on facebook but I guess if GFC is gone then all my contacts will be gone. I'll have to make some major decisions very quickly. Sorry to 'rant' to you Tanya. I may do a rant post too. LOL Thanks for your suggestions. I checked out the blog At the Picket Fence and they did a super job explaining it all. I guess I'm just discouraged right now. Sorry. Pamela

  2. goodness I am so confused with all the changes and you hear so many different things! I am almost paralyzed not knowing what to do! Signed up for that new link in thing and couldn't get on after I got the confirmation....uuuurrrrr

  3. I hate this. I am NOT, I repeat N-O-T a fan of change and hate being jerked around like this. Thanks for the eye-opener, now to figure it all out.

  4. Just coming over from the blog hop.... :) Thank you so much for following I just followed back.. :)

  5. Thanks so much for linking and passing on this important information. We'll do our best to get the word out, too.
    Thanks again,


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