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Granola is such a filling, healthy breakfast or addition to a mid morning snack.   When you make your own, you have control over the ingredients.  I have a severe nut allergy so that is the best option for me.   This morning I got out my mixing bowl and began measuring out ingredients.

Take Six Granola

4C rolled oats
1 1/2 C shredded unsweetened coconut
1 C wheat germ
1 C chopped unsalted nuts (walnuts, almonds, or pecans)
1 C sunflower seeds
1 C soy nuts
1/2 C sesame seeds
1/2 C natural bran
1/2 C cooking oil
1/2 C honey
1/2 tsp vanilla
2 C raisins

Combine dry ingredients in a large bowl.  In a small saucepan, combine oil and honey.  Cook over low heat, stirring until honey melts and mixture is warm, about 5 minutes.  Stir in vanilla.  Pour oil mixture over dry ingredients, stirring to blend well.  Spread mixture on two baking sheets.  Bake in 350 oven for 15-20 minutes or until lightly browned.  Stir occasionally.  Let cool completely, stir in raisins.  Store in an airtight container.  Makes about 12 C.

It smells so good!  I, of course, left out the nuts.  I added pumpkin seeds in their place.  I didn't have enough raisins, so I added some dried cranberries as well.  You can add or subtract ingredients to suit yourself, and your family.  

My hubby does not like yogurt.  I told him I was going to give him some with granola on it to try.  He was not excited, but tried it.  This is what I gave him.

Sugar free Vanilla Yogurt
Fresh blueberries and raspberries

Tanya:  "Well, Hon, what do you think?
Hubby:  "It's really not bad at much a I hate to admit it!"



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  1. Hi Tanya,
    What a great way to start the day!!
    Looks so yummy & good for you...
    Thank you for sharing!
    All the Best,

  2. This really looks very yummy!

  3. Ah yes I remember the days well when the mere utterance of the "Y" word elicited a look that made me run to the mirror to see if I had indeed sprouted a second head!! Need less to say he has become a yogurt convert and insists on putting it on all things of the fruit and dessert nature!!! As to the granola,I am in danger of shorting out the computer as I type with my drool!!!LOL. I shall be heading to the store for some extra ingredients!!

  4. Yum! That looks and sounds fabulous -- and it looks so inviting in that pretty stemmed dish!

  5. I have been making homemade yogurt since I received a yogurt maker as a Christmas gift. I am now ready to make my own granola. Thanks for this recipe. I had to serve yogurt to my husband in small servings, too.

  6. This looks great and I will give it a try. I see you are linking to Potpourri Friday! Thanks! It will be a great addition to the party!

  7. Looks yummy! My hubby might even try this!!lol

  8. Oh my goodness this does look good. I need to try it and eat while I'm working.

  9. Thank you for visiting my site. I chuckled when I read your granola post. Your hubby sounds just like mine. He's a granola with milk kind of guy. Granola with yogurt is just too exotic!

    I see you also posted snow pictures earlier in the week. The winter season is so beautiful as long as you don't have to drive too far.

    Following along to see what else we have in common! Debra

  10. That looks delicious! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  11. visiting from Sweets for a Saturday, I love granola, and finding new ways of preparing it!! Your looks and sounds delicious!!

  12. This looks so good and very healthy. I'm going to have to try and snack on this instead to get healthier. Thanks!...Christine

  13. I think my husband's reaction would have been the same. LOL!

    Thanks so much for bringing your post to Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  14. Yummy and very healthy too:)

    Visiting for Pink Saturday! Here's my share- hope you can stop by:)

  15. omg yum! visiting via french country cottage.

    would love to have you stop over to my kate spade giveaway!



  16. Granola is the best!! Looks delicious! Thank you so much for linking up to "Strut Your Stuff Saturday." We hope you'll be back to share more ideas with us next Saturday. -The Sisters

  17. Sorry I'm so late. This looks great. Thanks for sharing with Simply Delish.

  18. Ahhhh. You did link up at my place! Thank you! I so love you girls!
    PS See you again Wednesday!

  19. Yes :) I see :) Fantastic granola and yummy snack :)


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