Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Great News!

We are excited to share some great news from Blogger.  Blogger is the site that hosts our blog, and many other blogs out there in Blogland.  From time to time they will publish a survey in an effort to continually improve the blogging experience for us bloggers.  A very popular request from bloggers has been an improved commenting system.  Well this month, that request became a reality.

So you have some great commenting options on blogs that are using this new feature.  The feature is an option to bloggers.  We, @ Take Six love it, and have set up our blog so you can take full advantage of this feature.  In the second last line of the post in the above picture, it reads in blue "9 Your feedback makes our day".  This means 9 people have already commented on this post.  You are the 10th person, by clicking on those words.

This screen shot shows the first four comments on this post.  Below each comment is the word "Reply" in blue.  By clicking on that word you can reply to that particular comment.  Maybe that person has asked a question, or for some feedback.  Please respond if you are able to help.  If you ask us a question, please come back for the answer.  We read every comment, and will reply in a timely fashion.  Our goal is a feeling of community here at Take Six, and this feature adds greatly to that goal!

In this screen shot you can see that I have commented on Gwyneth's comment.  Then Lisa has commented on mine, and I commented one last time.  (Someone had to set her straight, that a host does NOT win the prize!!)  ;0)  You will also see the word "Delete" beside each comment and response.  That is only because it is a screen shot of my computer screen.  Only a blog host could ever delete a comment.  Readers are not able to delete comments from other readers.  You would, however, be able to delete any of your own comments.  

Back to screen shot 1 again for a second.  We want to share our creative ideas, yummy recipes, and inspirational words with everyone.  You can help us with this.  Right beside the words "9 Your feedback makes our day!" there are 5 little boxes.  If you read a post and think of someone you know would enjoy reading this you can email it to them.  You would click on the first box to email it.  The second box is if you wanted to blog it yourself.  The third box is for all you Twitter Tweeters! Then there is the box to post it directly to your FB wall.  The last box is for those who use Google +.  We love to have you visit.  It is exciting for us to know that people enjoy our posts by leaving a comment, and we hope you will spread our posts in whatever way you are used to using!  

Thank you friends!



  1. Thanks for the information! Question? Is 'Blogger' discontinuing 'Google Friend Connect'? I've read on other blogs that this is about to happen! I sure hope not as I love to see my friends' names and faces!!

    1. http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2011/11/more-spring-cleaning-out-of-season.html

      GREAT question, Jan. In November they announced on their blog that on March 1, 2012 they would be "retiring the service for all non-Blogger sites". That would lead me to believe we are safe...for now anyway. The link I included is to that announcement on their blog! I agree with you. I would hate to see it go. Have a super week, Jan!

  2. I like the new comment feature and hope to see it used in really positive ways. Some readers have told me they are unable to leave comments on my blog. I know that all changes have some kinks in them to be worked out and I hope everyone will just hang in there and know it will be OK soon! My daughter works for Google so I am a 'company Mom' so to speak! hugs, Linda

  3. I have discovered this new feature this week too. Thanks to Vee who explained it. I think it's great! Blessings, Pamela


It makes our day to hear from all of our Take Six friends. We read each and every comment, and love it when you visit us!! If you ask us a question we will answer it as a 'reply' in the comment section, so be sure and check back! XO

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