Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow?

One of my favorite things about the summer is getting up early on a Saturday morning and going to our city's Farmer's Market.  This year, I will just get up and go outside for my fresh veggies.  I am so excited.  It has been many years since we have had a vegetable garden.  Last Fall, my hubby and I decided we would plant one again this year.  He spent time in the Fall, preparing the garden spot.  It is in the country, about 45 minutes from our home, at our little weekend getaway.  We had all winter to read up, design our garden, and dream.  Actually he did the reading and designing...I did the dreaming!  


We had such a beautiful spring in Nova Scotia that we began planting in mid-April.  The first things to go in the ground were onion and garlic sets, spinach, lettuce, peas and radish.

We are really enjoying reading the blog "Thy Hand Hath Provided".  It is such a great resource.  They are a sweet family that grow veggies, herbs, raspberries and much more.  This year they are trying something new... mushrooms!! She has lots of wonderful recipes for harvest time too.  We took their suggestion and used straw in between our rows.  We did put landscape fabric down first, so we are hoping to keep a lot of the weeds at bay!  I scattered straw on top of the rows to help retain moisture.  You can see how the peas grew up through the straw.  

Green peppers & jalapenos


These pictures were taken a little over a week ago.  When we went this past weekend, the patch of spinach shown above was double that size.  I cut quite a bit and brought home for a yummy salad.  I was also able to harvest some lettuce, radish, and green onion.  


Tomatoes - 4 types

Quick & Easy Garden Signs

I love my garden signs.  I found this idea, done by Susan on her blog, Homeroad.  Of course I pinned it, and one weekend, while in the country, I took my snippers on a walk around the field.  I didn't use a carrot peeler, as she showed.  I used a utility knife.  The end result was the same...free signs for our veggie garden!!

Watch for garden updates!!  :)

The kiss of the sun for pardon, The song of the birds for mirth,
One is nearer God's Heart in a garden Than anywhere else on earth.
                                                               ~Dorothy Frances

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  1. Did you try the Easter Egg radish? They are delish!

  2. I love your row markers too!! Such a great idea...think I am going to have to adorn my garden with some too :o)

    Glad you are already enjoying some of the fruits of your labor!!

    Did you plant your sun flowers yet? If so did you put them down there or at the house?

  3. It all looks great . I haven't veggie gardened for years either .Thinking about it for next year . Hope you have wonderful crops . I do love the the way you did the tags for them . Have a great day !

  4. Your garden looks amazing already! I love the plant name sticks. Cute idea.

  5. Your veggie garden looks great! I love what you planted. Never saw straw used between the rows. Very organic! xo

  6. Wow Tanya, your garden is really thriving. Great idea to put the garden fabric and straw down. My peas are up but the lettuce isn't liking the spot I put it in. I will plant the rest of my seeds very soon. Probably after the full moon on Monday. Hope you have a bountiful garen.

  7. You and your husband have created a wonderful garden. I LOVE the way you used garden fabric-raised rows and straw. You will have a bountiful harvest for sure. I will check out the websites for more learning. I LOVE the garden markers.

  8. Love your garden! Also love the row markers, clever idea!

  9. How does your garden grow? Quite well it looks like!


  10. wow ~ how fun is that to just walk out your own door to a farmers market? Your neighbors are probably waiting for you to have your own Saturday Market Stand? I've never grown veggies, but you do inspire me to maybe try some day! thanks so much for linking up to Fishtail Cottage's garden party! xoxo, tracie

  11. There is nothing like home grown veggies. I've got lots growing in all sorts of containers this year. Some of my early planted peas are already forming. I've added you to my Canada Blog Hop It is always nice to meet another Canadian blogger.

  12. Wonderful and it is growing, love those markers you created.

  13. Your garden looks like it is doing very well. I miss not having fresh veggies straight from the garden. Yours looks very well maintained. The straw should help a lot with weed control. I like the stick markers - good idea.------------Shannon

  14. Your garden looks amazing already!
    Cute idea with the plant name sticks.
    Greetings from Australia♥

  15. Tanya, What a great open garden! I bet you can't wait to get there each weekend to see the progress!
    Using straw to keep the weeds down and the moisture in was such a great idea! It is too windy here to use almost any kind of cover.
    LOVE your garden markers! I just may copy that idea. So rustic and perfect for the garden!
    I am leaving so inspired!

  16. I love the idea of using the straw between the beds! What a great idea!


  17. Oh....I forgot to tell you how much I love your garden markers, too!

  18. Someday I will have a yard that can accommodate a garden!

    Thanks for linking up to SOS!!!


  19. You have a nice big garden. Mine is four raised beds on a cedar log float beside my floating home on a lake in BC. I can grow some kitchen greens and things. We just had our first spinach, radish and onion salad last night. Yum! I found you through Crafty Gardener. - Margy

  20. Your garden looks amazing and I love your little garden signs!

  21. Your garden looks great! Thanks for mentioning my stakes, you made great use of them! I wish my garden looked that good!

  22. I, too, love our organic farm on Saturday mornings! Your garden is growing so great, those twig signs are too cute!!

  23. Your garden is looking fantastic. I can see that you are surely going to reap what you have sown. We are harvesting radishes and my lettuce is just about ready to cut for a fresh salad. Nothing quite like veggies grown from your own hands. I love the twig stake. My children all gave me a rose bush for Mothers Day. I have wanted to put their name by each rose. I think this is a cute idea. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Hi Tanya,
    Your garden is looking sooo good, big!! Love those markers, how clever!

  25. FANTASTIC!!! I absolutely LOVE shopping in my own garden! We finally started one last year after years of not being able to and it did so well we are really excited for this years. WTG! LOVE the garden signs. I'm so doing this!!


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