Wednesday, August 25, 2010

GLSummit - aka: fire hose... part 1

When does your brain hurt? I mean, really hurt?

After snarfing down an ice-cream cone?
After hours and hours of meetings?
After a long, or short, drive with a backseat full of children?
After grocery shopping?
After paying the bills?
After watching "his" favorite movie?

Mine hurts after it has been stretched, pulled, twisted and contorted like a Cirque de Soleil performer's body, for hours on end.

Let me borrow a familiar phrase and describe my head, post Global Leadership Summit, in this way... I felt as though I had been fed through a fire hose. Can that be good? Yes. And this is a familiar feeling, it happens each and every year.

Have no fear, however as I really don't look any different. There is no water gushing out of my ears, eyes, nose or mouth.

I told you I would share some high points for me. Some were new lessons and some were terrific reminders. Here goes:

Bill Hybels
1) Leaders move people from "here" to "there"... to a preferred future. And, what keeps people on the journey is a sense of hope that they are going to get "there" some day.
2) One of the greatest joys of leadership is assembling teams of fantastic people.
3) When putting teams together one should look for character, competence, chemistry and culture
4) Pay attention to the whispers of God. He does whisper.

Jim Collins
1) Good is the enemy of Great. I love that.
2) Are you (me) interesting or interested?

Christine Cane:
1) You do what you WANT to do from passion, no one has to make you. You do what you HAVE to do from obligation.
2) Check this site out and make sure you poke around information concerning the A21 Campaign.

Tony Dungy:
1) Stubbornness is a virtue, if you are right.
2) Do not mistake hours, for productivity.
3) You can be mentored from a distance.
4) Why would you let anyone stop you from doing something you enjoy?

Stay tuned... more tomorrow.

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