Sunday, August 8, 2010

Still warm and sugar coated...

On my holidays I had opportunity to drive in the direction of the
Masstown Market. Are there any MM fans out there?

Since I was headed in that direction I felt it my duty to stop in and
encourage the owners/staff by making a purchase from their... bakery. I mean, a
girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

Homemade brown bread. Homemade whole wheat rolls and...
wait for it... wait for it...
homemade, sugar coated donuts that were STILL WARM.
Did I mention they were still warm, and that they were homemade, and still

Delimma - how many still warm, homemade, sugar coated donuts should a girl buy?
Half a dozen?
An entire dozen? The flat?
You see, I was pretty certain that I'd be eating however many I bought.

Question: how many warm, sugar coated donuts would you have saved from their fate worse that death... from... of cooling off?

How many do you think I bought?

I bought half a dozen.
Ran to my car, started it up and took off before they had opportunity
to drop in temperature. And, I snacked on one of those... AaHaHaHaHa... Ok, I snacked on two of those yummy, delacicies.

Can I just say that they were pretty much melt in your mouth...
ummmm... melt in my mouth (sorry about that). Sugar was flying all
over the place. Fingers, face, shirt, down my shirt. So good.

As I approached a toll station, at the Cobequid Pass, the thought occurred to me, "I wonder if the person working the toll booth would appreciate a warm, sugar coated, MM

So I asked.

I said to the gentleman, who took my money and graciously, yet
methodically handed me change and a recipt, "I just came from MM and
they had fresh, still warm, sugar coated donuts. Would you enjoy one?" (I mean,
who wouldn't?)

"Sweetheart, I'd take a donut!", he replied.

So I handed him the brown paper bag, spotted with greasy marks,
authentic greasy marks. He looked in and said, "There's way more than
one donut in here." "I know", I said, "you enjoy them!"
"Darlin, I will, thank you." was what I heard as I drove away.

Too FUN. Too, too FUN.

Now before you get the idea that I am a completley selfless person,
please know that I remembered, full well, that the only way for me to
get back to where I was coming from would be to, again, drive in
the direction of the Masstown Market... wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Yummmmmmmmmy, I do enjoy a good warm sugar coated donut!

Too bad I don't have apicture of them to make you drool, I mean to show you. They simply did not last long enough.


  1. . . . and Alvin Sydney Frankland lives on! Cause that was such a "Dad thing" to do!


  2. I love you! I didn't think there were people out there that still did such lovely things. Cynical, I know. I gave money to a homeless man and the people I was with were stunned.

  3. Okay so it's not just me then...who has sat out front of Masstown Market after making a fresh bakery purchase and enjoyed before driving off...okay whew! hehe
    You crack me up! And what a nice gesture to the man in the toll booth. You certainly made his otherwise boring day pretty special....
    Kathy T

  4. Lisa, I love this! I love love love this.
    And the toll booth man went home and told the story to everyone he met...blessing many others with his story of kindness.
    Ann M.

  5. . . I sooo agree with Tanya. . . that was such an Alvin thing to do. His memory lives on! How he loved life.

  6. Oh my - I can't believe you wrote all about these donuts and didn't post a picture! They sound positively divine! What a lovely thing to do for the toll worker!

  7. That's great! We stopped at the MM on Friday and ate some delicious rolls....YUM!

  8. sorry girls - I have to get better at the whole picture taking/picture posting thing... I'll work on it - promise!

  9. This just made me feel like paying it forward! Lisa, that just made that guy's day and I bet it doesn't happen that often for him.

  10. Lisa,a few years ago when we were at krispie kreme donuts we bought a dozen warm and gooey glazed donuts and ate the whole dozen before we left the parking lot...ask Rachel and Gary about that fun time!!!!!

  11. yummmmmmm... krispie kremes


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