Thursday, August 26, 2010

GLSUmmit - aka: fire hose... part 2

So, what did you think?
Were my first batch of shared "new" and "review" lessons interesting to you?

I hope so.

Here goes again:

Adam Hamilton
1) No matter how you handle crisis, there are going to be people who leave the church.
2) No one is beyond redemption because God is the God of second chances.

Andy Stanley
1) Every organization has problems that should not be solved and tensions that should not be resolved.
2) Progress depends on successful management of tensions.
3) Don't think in terms of balance, think in terms rhythm.

Erwin McManus
1) Be still and know.
2) Be where you are.

Jeff Manion
1) There is a difference between complaining about my condition and complaining against God.
2) How do I prepare for years of disappointment?
3) There are some people who do not heal over time. Time makes some people bitter and caustic.
4) Good movement pushes out bad movement and bad movement pushes out good movement. Good movement is trust.

Terri Kelly
1) In order to be innovative you have to have people who want to work together, for collaboration.
2) Leaders have to lead through influence.
3) Leadership is defined by followership.

Daniel Pink
1) We make WRONG assumptions about people - a) humans are machines and b) humans are blobs.
2) Everything good in life began with a conversation.
3) A study has shown that the single, largest motivator at work was... progress.

Stay tuned for one more day.

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