Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Way to Remember the Moment

Last month, I was sitting on the front porch watching my kids play in the yard. It was one of those perfect moments Lisa referred to in a recent blog post. The sun was shinning, the hydrangeas and tiger lilies were in full bloom, the children were laughing and playing together. It was perfect! It was one of those moments when you can't help but give thanks to the Lord. I sat there wishing I would be able to remember this moment forever, but knowing how my brain has been retaining information lately....I ran inside and grabbed my camera and took pictures of everything.

In the last couple days, I have put together this little book to help me remember those few moments of perfection. In the book, I used all the pictures I took that day of the house, flowers, and children and added a few quotes about memories and our home.

Now when this day probably would have been a long forgotten memory, I can pull out his little book, show my kids, and thank the Lord for all the sweet memories.

Go snap a picture of something you enjoyed today!!


  1. Absolutely beautiful! My talented friend! I love your reflection too!

  2. You are one talented scrapper JL!!! Beautiful!


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