Monday, October 4, 2010

January in October...

A friend told me, last week, that she was working her way through Oswald Chambers' book "My utmost for His highest".

She peaked my interest in a book that I had read once before, and enjoyed, but had forgotten 99.999% of it's contents.

So, this past Saturday morning I sent myself on a bit of a treasure hunt and was rewarded with actually locating my copy. I began at the beginning, which means at the page dated January 1st.

And, WHAM!

What do you think about this sentence:
"Shut out every other thought and keep yourself before God in this one thing only - my utmost for His highest."

If I thought/lived like that, what would change in my world?
If you thought/lived like that, what would change in your world?
And, could we change our world, together, with this radical thinking/living?

Another question:
How much of whatever keeps us from thinking/living this way comes from pure will?
And, not pure will as in unmixed with any other matter.
But, pure will as in us exercising our will (wants, control, selfishness) over His.

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