Monday, October 25, 2010

Polish up your rake...

On Nov 13th a group of StoneRidge Fellowship peeps and their friends are going to pile into a bus, and hopefully, many cars as well, and head off to different neighbourhoods in the Sackville area.

If home owners will allow us, we plan to rake up their leaves, leave them by the curb for pick-up and be on our way to yard number 2 and then number 3 and then number 4 and so on.

Doesn't that sound like fun?

Piles of leaves, laughing children, people excited to care for their neighbours and a community that is touched by "many hands making light work".

It's still a couple weeks away.
I'm already wondering how many families will blessed by this small act of kindness. Aren't you?
I'm already curious to know how many families will take the offer to attend our Christmas Drama: This Very Night. Aren't you?

Fun times are definately awaiting anyone who joins the the Rake Crew.
A surprise along with some VIP seating are awaiting our community.

What will be the outcome?
The possibilities are endless, absolutely endless! Which only adds to the fun of this kind of adventure.

Go polish up your rake.
Anyone can join. Absolutely anyone. That means Y... O... U.

Sat, Nov 13
8:30 AM - Noon
Meet at 85 Temple Terrace, Sackville
Bring: a rake, warm cloths, drink of water for yourself

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  1. Looking forward to this coming second Saturday!!!!!


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