Monday, October 4, 2010


Every Wednesday morning, something special happens at our church, which I personally happen to be involved with. Every Wednesday morning up to 20ish two year olds toddle into a nursery room downstairs, proudly sporting little blue shirts. I, along with two other great ladies, run a childrens program called Puggles...the newest and youngest branch of the children's program AWANA, which takes place Wednesday nights at our church. These Wednesday mornings can be stressful sometimes...sometimes we leave, covered with snot, tears, and other bodily functions, in dire need of a shower. Actually, that's most Wednesday mornings. There are tears, temper tantrums, confusion, poop, toy alercations, banged heads, fevers (and that's just among the leaders...oooooh...just kidding.). So why do we do this you ask? Two year olds are just babies, mostly not out of diapers until the year is almost over. But if I've learned anything, amongst the choas, is that two year olds can LEARN. In the best, most simplistic ways. They take us back to basics. All we teach them is that God made the whole world and that God loves them. But how incredible is that? How incredible is it to be among the first people in their lives that get to tell them that? To sit there, in a circle where only half the audience appears to be listening, hold up a pot of flowers, a leaf, a picture of a dog and tell them that God made THAT. That God loves THEM, that THEY are special. To us it is an awesome privilege, and every year we learn from them. Life is SO complicated, there are so many pressures and decisions and just everyday stuff that happens. It is so refreshing to focus on being created by God and being loved by Him. I look at these little Puggles and see potential, hope, new beginings, and a fresh start in everyone of these little lives. And I am reminded that this is how God is looking at us....hope, potential...a fresh start. No matter what has already happened, and no matter how old we are. It is wonderful to be able to be reminded of that every single week in the faces of these precious little ones. So thank you to the Mommys of our little Puggles for bringing us your two year olds every week, we look forward to what we will learn from them this year!

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