Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Extreme Couponing . . .

I don't know anyone who does that. Do you?
From what I can tell on TV, extreme couponing is a full-time job.
Actually, it seems to be a full-time job, plus!
Just think of the rush that would come along with getting multiple hundreds of dollars of product for mere cents.
I would like to try it, even if it was just once.
Seriously, how much fun would it be to get a big ol' bunch of free stuff?
And, seriously, how much fun would it be to give that big ol' bunch of free stuff away to, ohhh, let's say to single parents who are barely making ends meet?
TONS O' FUN on both accounts!
I betcha we could help change the world through extreme couponing.
Hey, I know, if you happen to hear of anyone who has 351 deodorants, or 257 cans of soup, or 504 packages of diapers, just waiting for the right time to be used - send them my way.
And I'll do the same for you.
Come on - we have some serious giveaway parties to plan!
After all, who wants to be left on a shelf?



  1. A long time ago when my children were tots, I did "refunding." It was sort of the same as the extreme couponing craze and there were clubs and newsletters and competitions to see who could get the most for free. Companies would issue free products if you sent in the required UPC codes and cash register receipts. I received many coupons for free products and free products themselves, but it also required a lot of time saving and storing UPC codes and trading what I didn't need for ones I did. It was fun while I did it and helped a little when I was a SAHM for that time period, but I wouldn't do it now or get into extreme couponing. As you said, who needs 300 deodorants? :)

  2. Like Pat I did a lot of "refunding" back in the 80's when my kids were small. It was WORK! I had one of those accordion file things with categories of products, each section filled with box tops, UPCs, proofs of purchase, etc. It was fun...for while, but no way would I want to do it again.

  3. I think that if I spent the same time working I'd make more money than what I'd save... and I'm pretty sure I don't need 300 deodorants either.

    Fun article!


  4. I never really get a lot of savings out of coupons. I don't buy all the name brands. So, I pay less to begin with so coupons don't help me out. I never really understood how they saved that much.

  5. I have never been an extreme couponer, But when My kids were young, I was a very serious couponer & sales watcher. It was like a part time job , but I wouldn't do it now, too much time & work .


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