Sunday, August 21, 2011

Take 5 with Kathy - "Looking Ahead..."

Yesterday as I shopped for last-minute wedding items, I was struck by the aisles of school supplies. “It can’t be that soon!” I thought. I even saw a sign about Halloween – horrors! Our pastor commented he’d seen Christmas decorations - all of this by mid-August! If you’re like me, you live in an area where we haven’t had much summer this year, so it seems inconceivable that these events are coming soon.

For me, this week has been all about looking ahead to my son’s wedding August 13 (I’m writing a couple weeks ahead of this posting). By the time you read this, I plan to be relaxing at my parents’ cottage, overlooking the ocean, collecting seashells on the beach, and taking a well-deserved rest. I’m really looking forward to that! But, for now I’ve been finishing table favors, sewing on buttons and shoulder pads, wrapping gifts, folding wedding bulletins, getting our home ready for company, helping my son pack and move, and making sure his shoes are shined for tonight’s rehearsal dinner.

I’m looking forward to a wonderful time of watching my son marry his beautiful bride, sharing in their happiness, re-connecting with relatives and friends, meeting people who will now become a significant part of this young couple’s lives, and seeing them begin their new life together. I’m also anticipating the lovely weather predicted for the weekend – three days in a row would be a rarity and true blessing.

As wonderful as all these things should be, there is something else I am looking forward to with certainty. It’s the day when I meet my Saviour, Jesus Christ, face to face and spend eternity with Him in the beautiful Heaven He is creating for all those who believe in Him. The apostle Peter spoke about it in 1 Peter 3:13, “But in keeping with His promise we are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth, the home of righteousness.” I also look forward to the promise of Revelation 21:4, “He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” As the song says,

“It will be worth it all, when we see Jesus!

Life’s trials will seem so small when we see Christ.

One glimpse of His dear face, all sorrows will erase.

So, bravely run the race till we see Christ.”

It’s the same faith Moses possessed as He looked forward to the promises God had given to him. And what a faith he had! Because of it, he was included in the Hebrews 11 “Hall of Faith”. He looked forward to his reward mentioned in verse 26. Once he was assured of God’ presence, power, and protection, he led the Israelites “out of Egypt and did wonders and miraculous signs in Egypt, at the Red Sea and for forty years in the desert.” (Acts 7:36) What an inspiration he has been to me in my journey!

What are you looking forward to these days?



  1. So many things to look forward to on earth - and in heaven, too.

    I'm looking forward to finishing my degree, making cherry jam (this afternoon), getting my hair cut, going on vacation in September.

  2. I too look forward to being with Jesus.. I figure it will be like childbirth, you forget the pain once you see the prize..
    I hope the wedding went as planned, the weather was good and the bride and groom had a lovely wedding and perfect start to a blessed marriage. xo marlis


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