Sunday, August 14, 2011

Take 5 with Kathy - "What is in Your Hand?"

I love photography and especially enjoy pictures that portray varying perspectives. Sometimes I like seeing the wider angle and how everything relates to each other. But zooming in on some detail of the same shot provides a different kind of focus and appreciation.

I’ve been reflecting on perspective and how vital it is for maintaining a balanced view of my life. My ability to live the abundant life God promised is very dependent upon it. What I know from past experience and what I envision for the future helps keep my present reality healthy, peaceful and joyful. Both viewpoints are valuable and assist me in having a well-rounded perspective. The balance is tricky though. I know how little it takes to tip the scales when I’m too preoccupied with either the future or the past. If I only look at something from one perspective my scope of understanding is limited. Therefore, it is crucial for me to use both so I can clearly perceive what I experience today.

Moses was having difficulty striking that balance. He was so focused on his past problems that they were causing him great anxiety about his future. But God, with His unconditional love, was guiding Moses in regaining a proper perspective. His next approach was to zoom in on one detail. “Then the Lord said to him, ‘What is that in your hand?’” (Exodus 4:2)

As Moses glanced down, he saw the simple shepherd’s staff he was holding. It was a relatively insignificant stick with which he had herded sheep for forty years. Beyond that, it had no potential in Moses’ eyes. God saw things differently. “Throw it on the ground,” He said. Moses obeyed, the stick became a snake, and he fled from it. “Reach out your hand and take it by the tail,” God instructed. (Now that is when my obedience would have been severely challenged!) Without hesitation, Moses did as God instructed and the snake once again became his staff.

Although God gave two other signs to Moses as proof that He had appeared and spoken to him, the staff was the one God would use most powerfully. “Take the staff in your hand so you can perform miraculous signs with it,” God said (4:17). Reading further, we see how that staff was instrumental in accomplishing unbelievable wonders.

What God is teaching me through this is the importance of offering to Him whatever resource is in my hand. A few weeks ago God whispered to me, “What is in your hand?” On my lap were my Bible, journal, and pen. “Give it to Me and I will use it in ways you never would have anticipated.” It was a big leap of faith, but I’m glad I listened and obeyed! He has restored so much joy and given me a whole new perspective on the abilities He has given me.

What is in your hand that God desires to use?


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  1. For me was always very important to use the abilities God give us for for the good of others and our family =)
    I really like the sentence "He was so focused on his past problems that they were causing him great anxiety about his future" It makes me think deeply.
    Your text was very inspirational!
    Have a great Sunday! xx


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