Thursday, August 11, 2011

Flow Blue China

"Flow Blue pottery and china is one of the most popular, collectible ceramics in the United States antique market. More than 1500 Flow Blue patterns were produced in Victorian England, Germany, Holland, and the United States. The peak production was from the mid-eighteen hundreds to the early 1940's. Now it is again popular, but as a collectors' item rather than dinnerware."

(Excerpt from an article by Barbara Nicholson Bell) Read the entire article HERE.

A couple weeks ago, Lisa and I popped into a thrift store while out to supper one night. I always head right for the dishes. I picked up a couple blue and white dessert plates, as well as a teacup and saucer. Then at the back of one shelf I spotted a bowl. A blue and white bowl. I picked it up and looked at it, and it looked old to me. I asked Lisa what she thought, and she agreed it was probably old. It was pretty so I put it in my cart. After we got home, Lisa decided to go online and check out my new bowl. In a matter of minutes she was looking at a picture of my bowl, at an antique store. It was the same pattern, and the same size. It was selling for $350. This past week she saw a platter like it at a local antique store for $150.

It is 10.5" in diameter.

The beautiful decorative edge.

The center pattern.


  1. Wow Tanya, You certainly got an incredible deal! I love flow blue dishes but I have NEVER even found a saucer for that price!!!! I think it is beautiful. Enjoy! Linda

  2. Congrats, Tanya, on this fantastic buy! Flow blue and white dishes are always a good shopping find. This is beautiful. xo

  3. What a beautiful dish. I love blue and white.

  4. What a steal! I love blue and white.

    - The Tablescaper


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