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A Day At The Beach + Giveaway

Who doesn't love a day at the beach.  It's such a great place to kick back and relax, enjoy a picnic lunch, splash around in the salt water, and maybe do some beach combing for that coveted piece of beach glass.

This past Christmas Paula gave each of my daughters a beautiful necklace made from beach glass. This jewelry was created by the talented Parri and Amanda from A Day At The Beach.   Today it is my pleasure to introduce these ladies to you.  I recently asked them some questions about their business.  

1.  How did you start your business and why sea glass jewelry?

Parri started picking beach glass years ago.  She introduced it to Amanda and her family when they moved to Nova Scotia from New Brunswick.  It is a really addicting hobby.  It is so great that each piece is so different. It is a great lesson on life too.  Sometimes life throws you some hard things and it is through those things that God forms you into the person He would have you to be.  The beach glass is the same.  It is tossed and turned by the waves, rocks and sand and then it comes out all smooth and ready for us to make something beautiful out of it.  After awhile you can really collect a lot of it and we thought we should do something with it.  Amanda found a class to teach us how to make jewelry and so we took it.  We found it was really fun to do!!  We signed up for a small craft fair and Amanda's husband suggested he make us a Facebook page so people would know we were going to be at the craft fair and it took off from there.  This has been such a blessing to us and it has been so cool to see how God has been providing for us with glass He was smoothed and prepared!!

2.  Where do you ship to?

We are willing to ship anywhere!!  Mostly we ship all over Canada and the US....we have gone as far north as Fort McMurray....as far west as BC....as far south as Florida. We have had pieces go to Australia, China, Ethiopia, Germany, Great Britain.....and other places I am forgetting I am sure.

3.  Where do you collect your glass?

Most of our glass comes from  Nova Scotia and New Brunswick....though I did find some in Mexico when we were there...Amanda's husband picked some for us in Chicago and we had a lady we know bring us some pieces from Israel!! :)

4.  Are you a web based company or can we find you at some local markets?

Most of our business is done online...we have a Facebook Page and
 a website (for our Non-Facebook friends).  We do also sell some of our pieces at a local store in Truro, NS called Lou Lou Clothing and Accessories.  It is located on Prince St.  We would like to have it in other places around the province...well for that matter around the country!

5.  What is your favorite piece and why?

Hmmmmm.....my favourite piece.  That is a tough one!  It changes, for me, all the time.  I have a piece that is white pottery with roses on it that I love, as well as a marble.   I also like the clear ones that just have silver accents since they go with everything.  I really love them all!  I often figure out what I am going to wear, based on the beach glass I want to wear that day.

6.  Are there any pieces with special stories behind them?

We love to find ones with words on them.  So many times when we find a really unique one, we wonder what it might have been originally.  There are tiles we have been collecting for years, we have found hundreds now.  We would love to know the story of where they came from.  Whose house were they in?

7.  Can people provide you with a special piece of sea glass and have an item made?

We definitely do that!!  We have an album on our page that shows some of the pieces we have made for people with their own glass.  It also lists the prices.  Some people like to bring us their pieces and leave it up to us.  Others like to sit with us and pick out charms and crystals.  We will do both.  It makes pieces even more special when you know you found the glass yourself!!

8.  Have you ever decorated silverware?  ( beads on handles etc.)

Yes we did make little sugar spoons like that once.

9.  If someone had a sea glass collection they no longer wanted, would you be interested in them donating it to you?  

We sure would.....as long as it is hand picked beach glass. All of our pieces are hand picked and we use them just the way we find them. Some people use tumbled glass or glass they buy at a craft store....we do not! :)

10.  What is your next business step?

Our next big adventure is the Turners craft sale in Moncton, NB this summer.  It is a three day outdoor sale which we have never done before.  (Aug 10-12)   We will also be doing two sales at Christmas.  One will be the Turners at the Moncton Coliseum, and one in Truro, NS at the Agricultural College.  If you live in those areas you can check us out there!! :)

The following are fabulous pieces from A Day At The Beach Facebook page.

Necklace and ring

I bought this necklace for myself.   LOVE it!!   ;)

I would love to have earrings like this.  I love transferware!

Sun catchers for your window




Glass Markers

Shipping is $5 within Canada and the US.  Payment via Paypal and email transfer.  

Take Six would like to say a big "thank you" 
to A Day At The Beach for visiting with us!
Go have a stroll on their beach today!!

A Day At The Beach has donated this stunning necklace for one of our Take Six readers to win!  It is so beautiful and summery!   DRAW DATE:  July 20

How to enter this giveaway:

You have the opportunity for 5 entries!!  :)  Remember for each entry there must be a separate comment.  It makes it so much easier on "draw day".  We will be drawing on JULY 20.

1.  Leave a comment on this post.

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5.  Visit A Day At The Beach's Facebook page or Website and leave a SEPARATE comment telling me the number of your favorite piece.


  1. They do beautiful work! I especially like the piece you picked out Tanya. :-)

  2. It's so so lovely! :)

    heatheranne99 at gmail dot com

  3. Hi Tanya, this jewelry is lovely. I would love to be entered. Thanks for doing this. xo

  4. I already liked you and follow you on FB! xo

  5. I love this piece and also the brown and white transferware one. Thanks for the chance to win.

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  7. I posted about it on my facebook page Tanya.

  8. I liked the page and chose 3 favorites - #'s 20, 32, 37. :)

  9. I really love beach glass, have a big collection. Love how you use it in your jewelry!

  10. And, I liked your FB page :-)

  11. I love beach glass. Your pieces of jewelry are beautiful. I will be sure to post your blog on my facebook page.

  12. How fabulous! I love the beautiful jewelry you've shown...it's just what I love to wear! I live in Florida and consider myself a mermaid...and shell seeker. It's always a thrill to find sea glass! Thanks!

  13. #38 is my favorite! I've never seen a piece of red sea glass...what a treasure!

  14. What a gorgeous piece! I just saw your comment on Homeroad and headed over-- so,happy to have found you.

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  16. Tanya thanks for the opportunity to win such a gorgeous piece of jewelry.


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  18. Very beautiful jewellery!!

  19. Thanks for introducing your friends to our page!! We are so glad some of your friends have come to join us! We are having a "Thank-You" auction right now to thank all of our friends for helping us to get to this milestone....come on over and place some bids! So many great deals!

  20. Such lovely pieces! Great to see a Canadian company doing so well!

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    hugs, Linda

  22. I love #40, the pink charm on the green glass is so cute!


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