Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The good stuff isn't cheap...

I've been trying out some new makeup. Working at covering up some features while highlighting others.

You know what I mean. 

I never really realized, until lately, that there is a makeup scale. Yes, I understood that there is a range of prices where makeup was concerned. However, I thought that was all about brands and brand names.

Not so. Price also represents quality. 

When I go "full out" and wear a more expensive foundation, primer, blush, eyeshadow and liner, lip stick and liner, mascara - I could pass for a 20 year old/young, even though I'm 45. :0)

Just like I did today.

That got me thinking about what else I could cover up...
an abusive relationship
harmful habits
how I truly feel 
the state of my finances
the depth (or lack thereof) of my faith

Do you know what I mean? 
Can you relate?

Have you ever put your "expensive make-up face" on and stepped out of your house looking 20 instead of your real age? Looking rich instead of poor, happy instead of sad or hurt or defeated? Looking super spiritual instead of super phony?

My good make-up costs. It costs a choice between three lipstick colors or one. It costs the choice between do I do this, or purchase that. It costs.
But it's worth it.

Knowing we're rich, being happy instead of sad or hurt or defeated and living a Spirit filled life cost, too. But are all worth it.

Anything worthwhile has a cost attached.

Let me leave you with this: please spend more on your inner person... after all, I'm just going to wash my make-up off before bed, tonight.



  1. Thank you, Lisa, for your words of truth. You've given me 'thoughts' to chew on all day...

  2. A great post Lisa. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Blessings, Pamela

  3. Great post Lisa. When I was younger I tried harder to hide what was really going that I'm older I'm proud to be honest on the inside and out!

  4. Yes, Lisa, I can so relate to this, I went to a party in January, and had my makeup and hair done professionally.....I received compliments and this man took me for late 30's - I will be 58 in a couple of weeks. I was flattered but when I can home and cleaned it off, I actually had a good laugh. But I kind of felt like crying, too. xo

  5. So true, Lisa! When my eyes became too sensitive to mascara, I had to stop using it. What's on the inside is so much more important and lasting. It's what makes many people wonder where our true beauty comes from!

  6. Thank-you Lisa for this reminder. It is so important for us to take pause and reflect on our inner spirit as we go through this life.

  7. Thank you for this very thought-provoking post. I like it.

  8. This is such a good reminder to be true to ourselves, always and in all ways! XO, pinky


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