Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Real Women: Real Life ~ Depression #1

Welcome to our new feature, "Real Women:  Real Life".  We are so thankful for a special woman God has given us who is willing to share her real life journey with depression.  I know you will welcome her!  ~Tanya

Recently, I rescued a bird that had flown into my neighbor's window.  I heard a "thud" and saw it helplessly laying on the deck as if it were dead.  After carefully scooping up the fragile creature and gently stroking its feathers, it all of a sudden perked up and flew off.  I've thought a lot about that little bird since that day and I have come to the conclusion that I am similar to it.  Under the dark cloud of depression, I feel stuck, helpless and weak – unable to shake the dark feeling that envelops me.  I have been here before, many times, actually.  I need help, I need rescuing, I struggle to move on.  I lack the energy and strength to cope, to pick myself up and move forward.  It’s awful.  I hate it.  It’s very dark and hard to live. . . . . . but,  I have a Father who is here.  He is right here during my dark periods of depression where I think I would rather die than go through these times.  Like that helpless bird, God picks me up and holds me close to Him.  He tells me to hang on, it’s going to be okay.  He’s patient.  He knows it’s hard.  Sometimes it’s a few moments and then I can move on and sometimes it’s many hours or even days before I feel like I’m out from under that horrible dark cloud.  No matter if I’m right in the cloud of depression or out from under it and doing fine, God wants me to lean hard on Him for strength - always.  Very often I forget that part, because I’m human and like to do my own thing and often find out the hard way.

Til next Tuesday, 

Real 4 Him  :)

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