Thursday, September 20, 2012

Takin' Charge

Isn't spray paint the best thing since sliced bread?
Honestly, what did DIYers do before spray paint?

What I'm sharing with you is not rocket science.
Just real quick, easy, and so easily changed.


8 dollar store charger plates that you've had for ages
1 can of spray paint

that's all folks!!

These silver chargers have been around for awhile,
and like some of us, they are starting to show their age. ;)

But after 2 coats of "Hammered Copper"...

they will be perfect for my Thanksgiving table plans.

For the price of a can of spray paint, I have a set of 8 "new" charger plates.

For the price of another can of spray paint,
 can paint them again and have another "new" set for my Christmas table! 
How easy is that?




  1. Love the new color! Turned out great. xo

  2. Very cool idea. I love paint too.

  3. This is a great idea. I never see the colour I want at the Dollar store but never thought of painting them. Thanks for the tip Tanya!

  4. Great idea! I've seen this done with chalkboard paint too. I just might give it a try.

  5. I've done this before! I painted mine pink! I've been collecting some from yard sales and have seen some recently that were painted to look like tarnished silver that I plan on trying.

  6. Your chargers look fab with the hammered copper. Isn't it amazing how the "hammered" part just appears? Great job on the chargers...perfect for Thanksgiving. I have some gold chargers which I've never used...hmmmm. :)

  7. I love paint transformations! I love the hammered effect! Great job!

  8. Sorry for all of these questions - but I have an order for 20 Charger plates with monograms. LOVE the tip :) As I searched for a long time for the "nicest" chargers. But, can you tell me the brand of hammered paint, AND does it make it difficult to add the Vinyl Monogram? also, I am assuming other spray paint (not hammered) would work? But, is there a specific brand I should look for. Thanks so much for posting this.. a couple of years ago - HA!

  9. Not a problem! I love questions chedges9090. :) The brand of the paint I used is Tremclad. A great brand. However it is a bit textured so I would be nervous to add a vinyl monogram as I'm not sure how it would stick to the texture. But Tremclad has paint that is not "hammered" as well. Rust-oleum is also a super brand that I use a lot. Not sure what is available to you at your location. But I would definitely choose something not "hammered/textured" and that is made for plastic. (I'm assuming that's what your charger is made out of.) Let me know how you make out!!

  10. Could you use these for weddings? Also do you top coat it with anything and does it scratch off easily?


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