Sunday, June 20, 2010

I get that from my father...

Have you ever been out shopping for a specific article when all of a sudden you happen upon something that is just too difficult to resist?

It happened to me. I, quite innocently, stumbled upon simply the CUTEST towel ever designed for a little kiddie. It's blue, has a hood and arm holes, you know the type. The hood has two giant white eyes on it and all around the face are triangle shapped teeth. Then, to top it all off there is a dark blue fin on the top of the hood. Did I tell you it was the CUTEST towel I ever did see?

There were duckie ones, piggie ones, froggie ones and... but this one... oh my. See, I could actually picture a certain, cute little face peeking out from inside of it which made it impossible to resist. Leaving this towel for another unsuspecting customer would have been a crime. So it came home with me.

I said to my mom, "I can HARDLY WAIT to give this towel to Max." Mom said, "You get that from your father."

I get that from my father.
I get that from my father.
I get that from my father.
Yes, my dad liked giving gifts, too.

It is the perfect time to be reminded that, in this certain way, I am like my most amazing dad. What a beautiful compliment to me.

On this tribute day to father's, share with me how you resemble your dad.

I like to give gifts. What about you?


  1. I look like him, walk like him, and my hands are almost identical to his!!! :)

  2. I have my dad's crooked pinkie finger! (and so do my kids)

  3. I have my Dad's blue eyes. My step-mom used to call it the "Sollows twinkle", call it charming, mischievious or smiling eyes...depends on the moment. >:) And wouldn't you know it ~ about the only thing my daughter has of mine in regards to her looks is the blue eyes with the "Sollows twinkle". Love you Dad. xo


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