Thursday, June 17, 2010

A not-so-surprise party…

There was a show on last evening called TV’s Most Surprising Moments.

I don’t know about you, but I love it when a show or a movie surprises me, when the plot throws an unexpected curve into my thought pattern. It pumps me right up.
However, for some strange reason, when God surprises me with an unexpected curve in my life pattern I don’t seem to get as pumped up.

Check out a verse I read the other evening:
“They did what your (God’s) power and will had decided beforehand should happen.”
Acts 4:28

There it is – written out for all to read. God will surprise us but NOTHING surprises Him. Everything that happens was decided, beforehand, by Him. And in this instance, what He knew beforehand was that people were going to plot against Jesus.

It seems the conundrum comes when He chooses to invite you and me in on His plan for you and me, or invite us to His not-so-surprise party.

The conundrum, for us, comes at the very moment we choose to accept the invite or demand a different party.

I want to get better at accepting His invites. After all, if anyone is going to be not-so-surprised, it’s far better that it be our All Knowing God.

What not-so-surprise party has He invited you to, lately?

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