Friday, June 18, 2010

Lovin it...

I begin a study with a few couples. These couples are Marriage Mentors.
That means they spend time with other couples, building relationships that support, encourage and guide . It is a beautiful thing.

I love when we give away - give away our agenda, give away our time, give away our life lessons. It seems God teaches us lessons and then gives us opportunity to apply and to share those lessons. (we generally will do both, if we live unselfishly and vunerably with our own lives, our own time and our own agenda)

And I love that God gave us marriage.

So, see how Marriage Mentoring can be a beautiful thing? Couples giving away their lives, their time and their agenda to couples who need experience, attention and hope.

Check out the book Sacred Marriage, by Gary Thomas - tell me what you think.
And, ask me about Marriage Mentoring.

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