Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Domestic moment, or two...

Every so often I take the time to enjoy (yes, I said enjoy) a domestic moment or two.

This past weekend I took the notion to cook. Cooking is not my usual first choice for domesticity. Laundry is. But this weekend I entered the kitchen.

I made a bean salad. Have you ever made one of those before? They turn out to be HUGE salads, so be forewarned (for a couple different reasons).
I baked mouth watering scallops in butter and cooking wine, baked nice big russet potatoes and added butter and sour cream, and I baked salmon steaks with fresh lemon and chive.

Oh my goodness it was so good.
And there were leftovers.

Mostly, of bean salad.

But here is what happened during the construction of the gigantic bean salad - only favored beans were added, plus purple onion, green pepper and zucchini.
While I was preparing the zucchini I thought to myself, "I've never had bean salad with zucchini in it before. And, who tells someone what to put in their own bean salad anyway?"

And then I chuckled, again, to myself. (Is anyone worried yet?)

How like me to NOT follow a recipe. instead, I look for a LISA way to do... a bean salad. Or a decoration. Or a song. Or a project. Or a gift. Or a "whatever".

MY way - I want to do life MY way.

Can you relate?

All that from a bean salad recipe deviation... well, that and a HUGE bean salad.


  1. . . . and it was soooo good. But dangerous! ;0)

  2. Why be a cookie cutter?! :) Life is so much more fun when you add your own flair to things!!

  3. Lisa, I'm sure no one has ever accused you of being conventional, but that is what makes you, you. And anyone who knows you loves that about you.

  4. So thatssss why we had bean salad with our souvlaki the other night.

  5. I read this earlier today. Then we went out for dinner to Ruby Tuesday. While I was at the salad bar constructing my own (non-bean) salad, I saw they had some zucchini out. And I thought of you and your bean salad! :)

  6. Heidi, I was in Maine last week... ate at RT twice.... salad bar both times. Soooso yummy!!


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