Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In a Funk

Here I sit with  a million things to get done ( one of them being my blog entry ) with very little motivation to do them.  I can hear my little girl in the background chatting to herself and singing in some foreign language and it is sweet music to my ears.  I would much rather give up on the blog, plop down and play with her.  But alas, I must learn how to do all the technical things I need to know in order to produce a good blog. Don't expect any pictures until next entry as I am learning as I go;  but once I get going there will be no stopping me!!!

Well have made my first blog entry.  It isn't pretty but I feel good about getting my feet wet.  For the next few days I hope to be getting out of my Funk and getting things done. 

Anyone else out there in a funk? I hope I am not alone.  Maybe we can encourage one another on to great things!!!!!


  1. Chris, I was in a funk for the last two weeks feeling overwhelmed by many things. I was totally unorganized and running everywhere. I started tackling one thing at a time and I am now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I think we all get in a funk at some point. Don't get stuck! Take baby steps like Ella in each task and you'll be funk free in no time! :)

  2. Here, too! I have been literally forcing myself to do things. I only have a few days of vacation left! I am also in the middle of a tornado at our house... we've started a new business and our house, let's just say its seen better days!

  3. Yep - definitely in a funk. I need to get going, though, because there is lots to be done!

  4. Count me in on the "funk" train. Not to be confused with the "funky" train...if there even is such a thing...

  5. Chris, I live in a funk of some sort MOST of the time! Here's to the funkiness of life! :)

  6. There you are! A very big welcome to you ;o)


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