Friday, July 2, 2010

A good summer read...

While growing up I never enjoyed reading. It felt much too much like work to me.

However, once I entered University and was emmersed in courses that were of interest to me, reading took on a different feel.

Now, reading is one of my favorite things to do. I can get competely lost in a good book or a good series (even better than a good book!)
I am a picky reader, though. I call myself a book snob.

I especially enjoy Historical fiction, can be convinced to read some biographies, and have discoverd that I also enjoy books written in a journal format.

One series that I have thoroughly enjoyed, I call it the most delightful series I have ever read, is the Mitford series.

Check out the official website. Visit your local library and begin summer vacation in the charming town of Mitford, getting to know Father Tim and his "never a dull moment" lifestyle. You'll be ever so glad that you did.


  1. There's nothing like a good book, a tall glass of lemon water and a sunny summer's day! :)

  2. What are your fav books, Heather?

  3. Oh, my! There are so many great books out there! I could be accused of reading too much! :)
    Lately I've fallen in love with Tamara Leigh's light-hearted, humorous romances... Stealing Adda, Faking Grace, Splitting Harriet and Perfecting Kate. If ever they wanted to make a Christian chick flick, they would have to look no further for great material! Authors I always recommend? Terri Blackstock and Brandilyn Collins for suspense/mystery, Cindy Woodsmall for Amish novels and Lori Copeland for romance.

  4. Yes, thank you Lisa for recommending these books to me earlier this year. I read the series and I must say it was a wonderful escape. Helped me get through a trying transition. :-)LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Mitford!!

  5. You recommended these books to me when you were visiting out here and I forgot to look them up. Thanks for the reminder! I need to check these out!


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