Wednesday, July 28, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

My mind is wandering off to some more relaxed places and thoughts these last few days. Yours? I hope so.

A slower pace allows us to actually notice more of what is around us. To pay attention to some of the "finer" details.

A simple purple or yellow flower, with soft, flowy petals.
A roasted hot dog... one of my summertime favorites, by the way... (yes, yes - I know what's in them).
A shadow on the living room floor caused buy sunshine pouring in the window.

Summertime favorites are different than springtime favorites, or wintertime favorites or fall favorites.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, these are a few of my summertime favorites:
the smell of fresh cut grass

the colors of flowers, so many colors and so many flowers

no coats, or boots, or hats

holiday time

little, diaper laden, bums that can be seen waddling around beaches

fresh, juicy strawberries and maybe a shortcake or two

new nail polish colors

fun clothes

smores (ever tried Leclerc "Celebration" cookies with your smores?)

sunshine, sometimes for days on end

clothes dried on the clothesline - my ULTIMATE favorite!

campfires... for... roasting hot dogs and making smores

summer time chocolate - have you ever had it? It pretty much tastes the same as spring, winter or fall chocolate, but the calories simply disappear because it sweats out of you so fast, which means you should eat a lot of it. So for all intents and purposes, summer is a guilt free chocolate season!

Yup, just a few of my favorite summertime things.



  1. Love it!!! Just reading this relaxed me! :)

    Some of my favorite summer things:
    walking with the dog at the ocean...oh that sound of the waves, I just love it.
    smell of food cooking on the BBQ
    flowers in full bloom
    green grass
    and like you, fresh local strawberries...
    oh and when my friends make homemade jam and share it with me....hehehehe

  2. Lisa, all your favs are mine too!!!!


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