Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A New Look At Old Country Roses

The website royalalbertpatterns.com tells me that the designer of Old Country Roses, Harold Holdcroft, was probably the most famous of all of the Royal Albert designers.  Old Country Roses was launched in 1962, and since then over 100,000,000 pieces have been sold worldwide.  This is more than any other bone china tableware pattern. 

This pattern has been handed down from mothers to daughters, and now on down to granddaughters in many homes.  It has been the focal point of many special family dinners, and certainly many Christmas tables.  

Today I am sharing with you a tablescape that Lisa did for our Sights and Sounds of Christmas event.  She has put a new (yet old) spin on this classic pattern.  Have a look with me, and be inspired to pull out your old set of china.  Add a splash of non traditional color with it, to breathe new life into your Christmas table this year.  


Lisa was on a missions trip to India last year, and brought home this stunning fuchsia saree.  She used it as a table runner to pull out the bright shade of pink in the roses on this china pattern.  Her collection of vintage glass tree ornaments looks so beautiful in the antique tube pan.  


Her old world Santa with his soft pink coat and the mercury glass tree complete the centerpiece!  Don't miss the bead spray (handmade by Lisa) in with the vintage ornaments.  The beads are shades of pink, silver, and clear.  I think she should show us how to create one of these beauties.  ;)


The sheet music place mats carry the vintage theme over to the place settings.  They look like they are straight out of an antique music book.  However, Lisa simply photocopied Christmas music and stained them in a good strong batch of tea!! Don't those fuchsia mercury glass tree ornaments look lovely on the white.  They sure make the pink roses pop!  The green bows and bells holding the cutlery together just spell Christmas to me!

Do you have Old Country Roses china?  Was it passed down to you from a loved one?  We would love to know.  Share with us in the comments. :)


Photos courtesy of Nicole Payzant Photography.

Homespun Christmas


  1. This is so gorgeous! I love how the pink was brought out with the saree and the ornaments. A lovely twist on old country roses.

  2. Hey, Tanya! I don't have the pattern, but I know plenty of people who do. This is the freshest take on it I have ever seen. Very cool!!!! The hot pink ornaments and luscious green ribbon really make a whale of a difference in the overall feel of the china!

  3. This is gorgeous. Old Country Roses is my aunt's china and she always uses it on her Christmas table. It means "festive" to me. I love the hot pink and lime green with it and the sheet music place mats are perfect. BTW, I was born in 1962, so maybe OCR should be my new signature china too :) Felechia

  4. Love this table. Fresh and bright and perfect with the sheet music placemats. Susan@Romancing the Home

  5. I purchased some of the plates for my "tablescaping" hobby and just love them. This is a beautiful table!


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