Monday, December 10, 2012

Quick Christmas Centerpiece #1

Centerpieces are often the last thing we think about, but can really add to a table's atmosphere when we sit down to enjoy a meal with family and friends. I have a couple real quick and easy centerpieces I would love to share with you for the Christmas season.

-a plate, tray, platter
-3 votive holders with candles
-items to scatter around candles

 Scatter anything around the base of the candle holders:  bells, fresh cranberries, red & white peppermint candy, pine cones, chestnuts, tree ornaments, strings of beads, buttons.  This is a great one for any season.  Picture this platter in the spring with some flower bulbs scattered around the candles, or in the summer with some sand and shells.  The possibilities are endless.  

I used an antique platter with three little votive holders from Pier 1.  My jingle bells are from Pottery Barn.

Quick & Easy Centerpiece #2 coming soon! 


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  1. I love this idea and often use an old platter as the base for my dining table centerpiece.

  2. Very cute, Tanya. Easy and economical. xo

  3. Great idea! Easy, quick, no muss, no fuss! Bigger table? Just use a bigger tray! I love it! Thanks for stopping by my place earlier. Don't give Ramon a bigger head than he already has! :-) He's so proud of himself for his role in our decorating this year!

  4. Yes, that was pretty cute and awesome. Easy as well. Now I know what to do with my christmas balls and jars, thanks for sharing. I'd love to share this to pinterest as well, under Christmas table decorations board. Thanks!

  5. That was indeed a quick and easy christmas centerpiece. That I can surely achieve even with the help of my nieces. Great table decorations. you may want to check out more ideas as I compiled some samples too at my post with title Christmas table decorations. I hope you may find it useful too.



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