Friday, December 10, 2010

Guest Post - Sharelyn Stone: Nativity...

I love Nativity Scenes.

When I visit someone's house I'm always looking for their nativity.
Is it handmade? Store bought? A family keepsake, perhaps?

Over the last several Christmas's I've been receiving pieces from the Willow Tree Nativity. I love the simplicity of it.

Just like the gospel.
We’re sinners in need of a savior.
God loves us.
God sent His Son to save us.
All we need to do is believe.

It truly is that simple.


  1. ME TOO!!!!!! I've begun collecting them. I have a Precious Moments one that I began to collect way back in the '80s. It is complete now. I also have a sweet little one that was in my home all during my childhood years. This year I added another one to my collection. It is from the Dollarama. I found it about two months ago. The pieces were $1.25 ea!!! You just mixed and matched the pieces that you wanted. At the time, I thought how perfect it would be in a home where tiny fingers would want to explore it. At only $1.25 each piece, little chips in it wouldn't matter, but just show how much it had been loved! It is sweet!!

  2. Oh, I should have been checking out the Dollarama! I'm sure the Precious Moments one is very nice.

  3. Sharelyn, that was beautifully written. :)


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