Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Melt in your mouth...

I remember being little, being outside playing in the snow, and hearing these words, “Would you like some cookies?”

Would I like some… cookies? (did you hear my voice raise an octave?)

Would a mouse like some cheese? A dog a bone? A bird a target?

I would, absolutely, LOVE some cookies!

And, with that question I knew I was about to be a recipient of our neighbour’s homemade shortbread cookies.

Mabel made the best shortbread cookies, ever.
Melt in your mouth shortbread cookies, literally.
Heaven in your mouth, shortbread cookies.

I can also remember asking mom, How come our shortbread cookies don’t taste like Mabels?” (that has got to be one of the most favorite questions a mom could ever be asked. not!)

Of course, the reason for the taste difference was that Mabel used real butter and whipped the life out of those little delicacies.
While Mom, being conscious or my families' bellies and budget, did not use real butter. But she does now – Ohhh yeah!

Sadly, Mabel is not living any longer.
Yet, every time I eat a shortbread cookie I can't help but think of my sun loving, clothesline loving, baker extraordinaire, neighbour. And wish I had her recipe.

What, about Christmas time, reminds you of someone special?

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  1. She also made the BEST scratch white cake!!!! :0)

    Christmas time always reminds me of people who have no one to celebrate with this time of year. Growing up we usually had "extras" around our dinner table on Christmas day. It was a fun time and a great learning experience for us as children.


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