Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's the First...

Oh my goodnessssssssssssss...
December one is here already (and... almost gone).

We have arrived at the very beginning of the 2010 Christmas season. And, it seems like just yesterday I was considering Jack-o-Lanterns. You?

Life can get really crazy, really quickly, at this time of year.

How can we guard ourselves against:
doing more than we actually enjoy, this season?
spending more than we can actually afford, this season?
and consuming more than is actually healthy for us, this season?

I'm quite social. So doing more than I actually enjoy is difficult. However, spending more and consuming more... well, now this conversation gets just a wee bit more personal.

Where spending more is concerned - drawing names within my family and spending time with friends, instead of purchasing gifts, has helped.

Where consuming more is concerned - I'm planning on purchasing a muzzel, one with a lock and throw away key. (good thing we drew names... I have extra money)

What secrets have worked for you?
We'd love to hear them.

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