Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Guest Post: Tanya Payzant - Easter Centerpiece

Cathe Holden @
Just Something I Made

I think this might possibly be the sweetest centerpiece I have ever seen for Easter/Spring! What do you think? I've been so excited to show it to you all ever since I laid my eyes on it this winter on Cathe's blog. I know Easter isn't until the end of next month, but I wanted to give you some time to pick up some spoons, ribbon, flowers (silk ones would be good for many years). You can use fresh eggs, plastic, or colored boiled eggs that your children have helped you dye.

Grab any kind of glass jar from your recycle bag and bend 8-10 spoons (depending on the diameter of your jar) at a 90 degree angle. You can pick up some spoons for a great price at the Dollarama. Or perhaps you have a surplus in your kitchen already. Wrap a couple sturdy elastic bands around the jar and then begin putting the spoons under the elastics, one at a time. Tie a ribbon, to coordinate with your flowers, around the jar to cover the elastic bands. Add flowers - fresh or silk, and then lay an egg (well not literally) ;0) gently in the cup of each spoon.

Font sizeMaybe you would prefer a candle to flowers. If so, use a jar that will hold the candle you have chosen and, because the jar is smaller you will not need as many spoons. A version of this will definitely be in the center of my table this spring. I love to create pretty tablescapes, and this centerpiece has sure given me a jump start on my Easter table!

Be sure and visit Cathe at the website link under the top picture!

. . . and ya know I want to hear if you make a centerpiece!!


  1. Ok, that is sweet! We won't be home for easter, but I might just have the time to make it for my moms house! :)

  2. Oh soooo cute!!! I love it with the candle you can really see the spoons that way.

  3. This is just adorable, Tanya, thanks for sharing!

  4. Tammy,
    This is sooooo pretty and sweet. I'm going to have to make this with some faux eggs. Just darling ~ newest follower.


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