Monday, March 14, 2011

A World Away... part 3

Tuesday, Feb 15
Our second day of training. The ladies are reserved. I so wish I knew them well, and they knew me.
Sam shared her study on Hannah today - and the ladies responded to the call for prayer. Prayer is EVERYTHING to them. They are teaching me. Praying with and for them is a humbling, privilege.

The ladies are enthralled with Sam's hair - all in braids. How long did it take? Did you do it? Did a machine do it? Can you show us?

Pastor James took us to see his home today, during NT Overview class, don't tell the teacher!

I sent some laundry to be washed. Thought I'd pick it up when we got back to the hotel this evening - but, the sun wasn't out at all today. So nothing is dry ;O) Hummmm... how would I deal with that at home?

Shakti took us out to a couple jewelery stores tonight. I would LOVE to buy a gold bangle bracelet. It appears I have monster hands in comparison to the ladies here.

This picture was taken to make the mark the momentous "first time squatter experience". Can't say I'll ever like them, but we are figuring out a... system.

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  1. Loving your journal entries. . . keep going!!!


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