Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Real Women: Real Life ~ Depression #3

Welcome to entry #3 of our dear friend's journey
 through depression.

Depression is different for everyone.  Learning how to manage it properly is important.  The first step for me was visiting my doctor. When I was first diagnosed I was afraid to try medication.  A friend reminded me that if I had a cold I would most likely take cold medicine, so taking something to help my body with depression is the same idea.  Medication and cognitive therapy was very helpful.  I continue to educate myself about depression and how it affects me.  As I read about it, I understand what my triggers are and why my body reacts the way it does. Hormones, food, sleep, exercise, work-related stress and people (healthy and toxic) all affect me. I continue to learn what I can and cannot handle. I delegate jobs to lighten my load.  I used to feel guilty so I would end up doing too much and then getting sick.  Now I am thankful for my husband who helps me out at home.  Life is overwhelming when I am depressed so asking for help and dealing just with the moment is necessary.  It is important for me to keep things in my life as simple as possible too.  When I understand my illness and I’m doing my best to manage it well, the depressed times don’t linger as long and pull me down so hard.   It’s also easier to accept the depression as it comes and view it as a gift.  When I feel good I am a better wife and mom – these are two God-given roles I never want to take for granted.  I want my depression to bring me closer to God and to encourage others that deal with it.

         Until next Tuesday,

Real 4 Him  :)

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  1. What a compelling story... and what a brave and wise friend! I pray that she continues to feel well, take care of herself and feel God's presence!


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