Tuesday, June 21, 2011

One Rockin' Garden...

Back in May I did a post on container gardening, and mentioned my new/old wicker rocker that I had picked up "curbside", last fall. Well, I need you all to do some imagining with me. . . because, well. . . umm I forgot to take the "before" picture. Duh!!!

Imagine that in your town, it is "free yard sale" weekend. That means, if you have things that you do not want, you put them at the end of your driveway and someone can pick them up, for free! Imagine also that you and hubby happen to be driving down the road. You round a corner and there to your delight is a brown wicker rocker at the end of a driveway. But, you are concerned about the two other people standing there looking at it. Since you and hubby have been married 25 years at this point, he fully realizes that you really do want to stop and check it out. So out he gets, and walks over (you are still in the car, because you figure the other people are going to take the rocker about the time you reach for it) Hubby chats with the people, picks up the rocker and puts it in the back of your vehicle. He explains to you that they weren't interested in the rocker, but the big glass fish aquarium beside the rocker. Phewf!!!!

Fast forward to this spring. I took the chair out of the shed. It was is pretty rough shape, but would be perfect for the what I was thinking. You see, I think this chair has served some family very well. Probably spent many evenings rocking away on a porch. My plan was to offer it a relaxing retirement, for as many years as it had left. So, I wiped it down and sprayed several cans of white spray paint on it. This was about the time I thought of a "before" picture. . . too late! I then popped the seat out of it and stuck a plant pot with Purple Wave double petunias into the "seat".

I often look out and see birds perched on the back of the chair. They seem to really like it.

True, the grass withers and the wildflowers fade, but our God's Word stands firm and forever." Isaiah 40:8 The Message

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  1. Very cute planter! I am the same way with "before and after" projects, always forgetting to take the "before" photo.Stop by for a visit, I am having my 1st giveaway. xo,

  2. Cute, Cute!! Love that it was FREE! Looks great in your garden!

  3. Great job! Love the makeover! Cute planter indeed!
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  4. OOOH! I LOVE using old withered seating as planter stands in the garden. That rocker is fab! I have the tiniest yard on the planet and have been working very hard to get it stocked with lots of veggies and plants. Your garden is lovely and I am so jealous! Great Job!

  5. I took an old chair from my Grampie Hansen's house in Wentworth, spray painted it yellow, and put it in Muggsy's garden, my backyard flower bed that is her final resting spot.It's nice to look out and see a reminder of two special people in my life!!

  6. That is really a neat idea! I always forget my before pictures of projects...I like the white on the chair it shows off nicely against the green!

  7. How neat is that! My what luck for finding that on the side of the rode for free! I'm jealous, people around my area never get rid of cool stuff like that! It turned out great!

  8. What a cute planter, and if the back was all there, it would not have been as cute! Love that hubby is so good about helping you. I get so excited too, I forget "befores".


  9. Repurposing the chair into a garden planter was a great idea and it looks nice where it is.

  10. Hi Tanya...

    Oohhh...it's sooo perfect, my friend! It looks lovely sitting there in the middle of your beautiful flower garden! The purple petunias look stunning against the crisp white of the rocker too! Ohhh boy...I sure wished our little town would do a free yard sale day! I would have sooo much fun! Thank you for sharing your beautiful garden rocker with us...it really is delightful!!! And...I love the idea...as you mentioned...that this pretty little rocker is spending a nice leisurely retirement! Too cute!

    Warmest summery wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  11. What a fantastic idea! I just love that you did that and find it so incredibly charming. :-) Thanks so much for sharing it at the Blogger Block Party!

  12. Hi, hopped over from Fishtail Cottage. Boy, I really can imagine that old brown rocker. What a fantastic transformation! The fact that you got it for free makes it even more fab! Love the pop of white.

  13. Your rocker looks content and happy in its retirement! :-)

    Thanks for coming to the garden party,


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