Monday, June 6, 2011

What amazes me is. . .

women's ability to multitask.

They can braid hair while talking on the phone and making lunches.
They plan birthday parties while doing dishes and helping with homework.
They chat on Facebook while writing the grocery list and paying bills.
They can wrap Christmas gifts while they make Christmas gifts and bake Christmas cookies.
They put on makeup while ironing and placing the final touch on a work report.
They make dentist appointments at the same time as they make prom dresses.

I have had, and do have, the privilege of knowing many amazing multitasking women. Women who have more energy and perseverance than myself. Women who rise to challenge and do what needs to be done with an ability that surpasses.

One woman, in particular, stands out to me at this time. She has mothered kiddies, single handedly. She has cooked meals, washed clothes, and cleaned house. All the while she has studied diligently at college. She has made it through a very stressful year - with absolute flying colors. She would never say that she did it, all, on her own. She is very quick to give thanks for how blessed she has been. Blessed by her Heavenly Father. The two of them make quite a team.

I am so proud of her. She inspires me.

Any special lady who inspires you?


  1. My mother inspires me. She is 73 and still works 50 hours a week at her own business. She misses my dad and isn't afraid to say so. She is still remodeling her house. She thinks there is plenty of time to enjoy it! She walks 5 miles a day and isn't on any meds. Yea Mom!

  2. I was always impressed by my two grandmothers. One had 8 children, the other 9. They both lost toddlers, cooked, baked, cleaned, did laundry AND were seamstresses in sweat shops in NYC. They also took in sewing and alterations at home. No a/c, microwaves, dryers, crock pots, nada. And some tough husbands, too. One was widowed while in her late 30's. But both had unwavering faith in the Lord. xo,

  3. Let's see...I would have to say my Mom always inspired me to be the woman who can do it all.Such a lovely post.

  4. What a beautiful post! It reminds me to be thankful and grateful for woman of influence in my life!

  5. Yes, my wife. She can do the best imitation of bird of the world. She always watches me like a hawk.

  6. such a beautiful post! i am in1spired by my mother. although she passed away she is a constant influence in my life.


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